Customer support
24/7 Customer support
Educational concept
Online Banking
Instant money transfer
Cash withdrawal
Customizable cards
Real Time Updates
Costs first year
27,60 €
Costs for subsequent years
27,60 €
Costs additional card
5,76 €
Foreign currency fee
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Parental control
App with separate interface for parents and children
Minimum age
6 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application in store mandatory
Identity of applicant and child required
Bank account required


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    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    0 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Sustainable investment
    • Bank account with German IBAN
    • No interest or annual fees

    Overview of the Starling bank Mastercard debit card for Children

    Starling Bank is one of the most successful digital-only banks in the world. The British company also offers a children's account with a free credit card, aiming to provide a secure and easy introduction to finance for children and teenagers. Here you will find the most important information and facts about the Starling Bank debit card for children and teenagers.

    Can you open a children's account with Starling Bank in Germany?

    Currently, it is unfortunately only possible to open an account with Starling Bank in the United Kingdom, as it is a British bank. To open an account, a valid residence in England must be proven, and the guardian must be at least 16 years old.

    What are the benefits of a children's credit card at Starling Bank?

    When opening a children's account, you receive a Starling Bank Mastercard debit card, which allows flexible money management. Here are the key information and benefits of the Starling Bank debit card for children.

    Benefits of a debit card

    A debit card is not a credit card. However, its functions are very similar. The biggest difference and advantage of a debit card is that it is a prepaid card. This means that only the exact value of the balance on the debit card is available for spending. Thus, the account cannot be overdrawn, and your child cannot accumulate debt.

    Cost-effective banking

    Despite its diverse functions, Starling bank does not charge high fees for card and account usage. Opening a simple children's account via mobile and app is free. There are no additional fees for ordering and delivering the card. However, there is a small fee of £2 per card, child, and month for account usage. Additionally, there are no fees for transfers or ATM withdrawals.

    High security standards for your child

    Starling Bank applies high security standards to protect children's accounts. The account and card are protected with a secure PIN procedure. Additionally, setting up a personal password for transactions is necessary.

    Moreover, the children's account is linked to the parent's main account. Thus, parents or guardians always have access to their child's Starling Kite account and can easily monitor expenses and transactions through the Starling app. Furthermore, all deposits and savings in the accounts are protected by a deposit guarantee fund.

    Everything for children and parents in one app

    The Starling Bank app allows easy management of both the parent's account and the children's account under one roof. Through the app, parents can manage and view their children's expenses at any time and set limits for daily purchases. Transfers from the parent account to the child account can be made with a few clicks, or regular transfers can be set up.

    Additionally, guardians can set who is allowed to transfer money to their children by assigning an individual link. This secures and simplifies transactions between family and friends.

    How to open a Starling Kite account for children at Starling Bank

    Opening a children's account at Starling Bank is easy online via the bank's app. To open an account for your child, simply link it to your existing account through the app. Tap "Spaces" in your app, then "Kite Space," and follow the steps explained there. A photo of the child's ID card or birth certificate is required to verify the child's identity.

    Once the identity is verified and the account is activated, you can order your child's new contactless Mastercard debit card through the app. It will arrive within a few days without additional fees.

    The perfect children's credit card for travel and overseas stays

    The Starling Bank Mastercard debit card offers great benefits for travel and overseas stays. With a Kite account at Starling Bank, children and teenagers can withdraw money and make purchases worldwide for free wherever Mastercard is accepted, with no additional fees.

    Starling Bank also uses Mastercard's current exchange rate. With the practical exchange rate currency converter, the daily rate can be calculated at any time via the app. This makes it easy to keep track of your finances abroad.

    Can I open an account with Starling Bank in Germany?

    No. An account can only be opened if you can prove a residence in England.

    At what age can my child open an account with Starling Bank?

    Children and teenagers between 6 and 15 years old can open a children's account including a debit card with the help of a guardian.

    Where can my child use the Starling Bank debit card?

    The debit card is valid worldwide wherever Mastercard is supported. Additionally, teenagers can make purchases and withdraw money worldwide without fees wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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