Minimum savings rate
10 €
Depot consulting
Execution intervals
Number of ETF savings plans
Number of free ETF savings plans
Number of share savings plans
Execution days
1., 7., 15., 23.
Type of depot

Inklusive verzinstem Tagesgeldkonto

Deposit fee
Execution cots savings plan
Costs for 100 € savings plan
Costs for 250 € one-time investment
Order costs one-time investment
4,95€ + 0,25%
Minimal 9,95€ maximal 65€
Minimum age
0 Years
More info on junior depot opening

Es bedarf einer Kopie der Geburtsurkunde.


  • Deutsche Bank
    Deposit fee
    Minimum age
    0 Years
    Minimum savings rate
    ab 25 €
    • Investing from €25
    • Savings rate adjustable at any time
    • Choose from over 870 funds, ETFs, ETCs, and stocks

    Discover the world of investments: The Junior Depot by Consorsbank in review!

    In a time when financial education and planning are becoming increasingly important, junior depots are a smart and forward-thinking choice. The Junior Depot by Consorsbank is an attractive option for parents who want to start building a financial cushion for their children early on. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and ETFs. But what advantages does this provider offer? 

    In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of the Junior Depot by Consorsbank, highlighting its features and benefits. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about which junior depot best fits your financial goals and your child's needs.

    Current Promotions from Consorsbank

    To keep you updated, we have compiled the latest offers from the provider:

    New customers can now use the eID function of the electronic ID card for quick, easy, and secure verification when opening individual accounts – available 24/7.

    The Junior Depot has been recognized by Börse Online as the "Best Investment Plan for Children." Starting July 2024, the Junior Depot is promoted with a bonus of 80 Euros per sign-up! Additionally, we exclusively offer 18 selected ETFs with no plan fees until 2030. The existing offer of 400 ETF savings plans for 0 Euros remains available.

    Costs and interest rates of Consorsbank's Junior Depot

    The Consorsbank Junior Depot is a great way to plan for your child's financial future. Here are the associated costs and interest rates:

    • Free depot Management: The Junior Depot at Consorsbank is free. No management fees are incurred.
    • General fees: Annual tax certificate, earnings statement, and securities transfers are free. Withholding tax claims cost €19.95 per earnings payment.
    • Trading fees: Online order placement costs €4.95 + 0.25% of the order volume (minimum €9.95; maximum €69.00).
    • Savings plans: Consorsbank charges fees proportionate to the invested amount for savings plans. The rate is 1.5%. You can start a savings plan from as little as €10 per month.

    Savings account and Junior Depot – What bonus does Consorsbank offer for young people?

    The Junior Depot by Consorsbank offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for long-term financial planning for your child:

    The Junior Depot includes an interest-bearing savings account for your child, providing some financial security with one contract. The savings account offers 3% p.a. interest for 6 months. Additionally, legal guardians do not need their own account at Consorsbank.

    Upon turning 18, your child receives access credentials to the depot. The guardians' authorization expires. However, your child can grant you power of attorney to continue accessing the account.

    Grandparents or other relatives and friends can directly transfer money to the settlement account to support the child's savings and investments. Alternatively, the guardians can grant power of attorney to grandparents.

    Promotions at Consorsbank

    Consorsbank regularly offers discounts and promotions for both existing and new customers when opening a new account:

    Example: Until December 31, 2030, you can invest in 18 selected ETF savings plans without any plan fees (excluding market spreads).

    Savings plan options

    Consorsbank allows even young investors to have flexibility in their investments. Thus, you can choose from three savings plans:

    1. Fund savings plan for less active investors:

    • Fund managers and their teams handle the fund for you. They continuously monitor the market and select the best securities for you.

    • The right fund is selected based on categories such as opportunity-oriented, balanced, security-oriented, and sustainable.

    • With each execution, you pay an issuance fee that varies from fund to fund. However, there are also funds with no issuance fee.

    2. ETF savings plan for interested investors:

    • Broad risk diversification by investing in a market or sector, not a single company.

    • Lower fees as no fund manager is involved.

    • With each execution, you pay a savings plan fee of 1.5%. There are also ETFs with zero savings plan fees (excluding market spreads).

    3. Stock savings plan for experienced investors:

    • Invest in stocks to benefit 1:1 from price gains and dividend payments.

    • You can participate in the success of large companies even with small amounts.

    • With each execution, you pay no savings plan fee (excluding market spreads).

    Opening the Consorsbank Junior Depot via app and website

    Opening your depot is entirely online through the Consorsbank app and website. You need the account opening application with the signatures of all legal guardians and a copy of the birth or parentage certificate as proof of identity for minors. If the child is not yet a Consorsbank customer, a Postident verification for the legal guardians is required. If only one legal guardian represents the minor, the bank also requires a certified copy of the custody decision.

    Tax exemption order at Consorsbank

    Did you know? Every citizen is entitled to an annual tax-free allowance that protects their capital gains up to a certain limit from taxation by the tax office. In 2024, up to €1,000 falls under the tax-free allowance. You can conveniently submit this for your child online at Consorsbank:

    1. Log in to your child's Junior Depot account in the Consorsbank app or website.

    2. Open the "My Account & Depot" section.

    3. Under "Taxes," you will find the "Exemption" button.

    Note: The child's tax identification number and a custody confirmation are required!

    Benefits of this Junior Depot at a glance

    • Flexible savings plans

    • Low trading fees

    • Interest-bearing savings account

    • Free depot management

    • Exclusive offer until 2030

    • Easy online opening process

    • Automatic coming-of-age regulation

    • Choices from various savings plans

    Evaluation - How good is a Junior Depot at Consorsbank?

    The Junior Depot by Consorsbank impresses with numerous advantages, making it an attractive choice for financial planning for children. Flexible savings plans enable individual investment strategies, while low trading fees and free depot management keep costs low. The interest-bearing savings account offers additional return opportunities. The exclusive ETF offer until 2030, the simple online opening process, and the automatic coming-of-age regulation round off the package. Overall, the Junior Depot by Consorsbank offers versatile options and straightforward opening and management.

    If you are still undecided, find more of our Junior Depots in test!

    What costs are associated with using the Junior Depot?

    - Free depot management
    - Annual tax certificate, earnings statement, and securities transfers are free.
    - Trading fees: Online order placement costs €4.95 + 0.25% of the order volume (minimum €9.95; maximum €69.00).
    - Savings plans: Costs are proportional to the invested amount (1.5%). Savings plans start from €10 per month.

    Does the Junior Depot also include a savings account?

    Yes, the Junior Depot includes an interest-bearing savings account with 3% p.a. interest for 6 months. Legal guardians do not need their own account at Consorsbank.

    Can the Junior Depot by Consorsbank be opened online?

    Yes, the Junior Depot can be conveniently opened online.

    Do I need a birth certificate to open the Junior Depot at Consorsbank?

    Yes, Consorsbank requires a copy of your child's birth certificate with the application for opening.
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