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Revolut's Business Debit Cards

Revolut offers digital and physical business cards for companies. However, these are not traditional credit cards but debit cards, meaning they can only use the funds available in the account. Below, we've summarized the key information on application, fees, conditions, and limits for you.

Applying for Revolut Business Cards

To obtain one or more business credit cards, you must first open a business account with Revolut. Some documents must be submitted and reviewed in advance (the company's size does not matter). Entrepreneurs need to provide their company's location and field of activity and pass an identity check. A driver's license, passport, or ID card is required for this.

After successful verification, which takes about 24 hours, you can conveniently complete the final application for opening a business account using an online form available on the Revolut website.

How Much Do Revolut Business Cards Cost?

The business credit card is only available by subscription with a Revolut business account. The price depends on the required subscription's scope, ranging from €0 per month to around €100 per month. Even the free account provides small to medium-sized businesses access to most Revolut functions, such as flexible currency exchange and receipt. However, the free account allows only five free transfers per month and does not include limit and stop-order functions. Analytical tools and functions that allow for more precise expense control and approval are also not included in the free version. Therefore, the more expensive accounts are recommended only for large companies that need to analyze their expenses very accurately and deal with very high amounts in many different currencies.

Revolut Business Card Types and Conditions

Revolut generally offers three different card types for businesses: the virtual card, standard card, and metal card. The type of card you can apply for depends on the subscription chosen beforehand. Virtual cards and standard plastic cards are available in all subscriptions, including the free basic subscription. However, more virtual than physical cards can be issued: Each team member can receive up to 200 virtual and 3 physical cards. Metal cards (made of steel in gold or black) are available with paid subscriptions starting at €19 per month.

All employee cards are linked to a business account. Since these are prepaid cards, the account cannot be overdrawn, and only the available funds can be used.

Overview of Payment Methods

Revolut Business cards offer various payment options. However, some fees must be considered. Here are the key points for you:

Cash Withdrawals

Regardless of subscription and card type, Revolut charges a 2% fee for each cash withdrawal at ATMs. Withdrawals are also limited to €3,000 per 24 hours, but these limits can be individually adjusted for all employee cards.

Revolut Business Card for International Use

The Revolut Business Card allows companies to use a multi-currency account. This account can manage funds in different currencies, fitting the company's structure. This enables companies to receive and manage transfers directly in the respective currency without converting them to euros first. Additionally, more than 25 different currencies can be exchanged around the clock in the web app or mobile app at favorable exchange rates. Card usage domestically and internationally is free. The free subscription includes five national transfers per month, after which fees apply to each additional transfer. International transfers cost €3 per transfer.

Payment Options

Paying invoices with Revolut Business is very easy. For example, business payments can be made instantly using Revtags, regardless of the recipient's location. This function is free, even for international payments. Payments can also be made conveniently via URL. Provide suppliers or employees with a payout link to pay them in their preferred method. All payments can be tracked and managed directly through the Revolut Business account. Additionally, bulk payments can be made through the app, allowing multiple customers to be paid simultaneously.

Security and Management of Revolut Business Cards

Revolut Business offers a variety of modern security measures and easy management of cards and team expenses to optimally protect and organize finances. Funds in the accounts are protected according to legal requirements and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) guidelines at licensed banks. Revolut Business's anti-fraud system continuously monitors all linked accounts and reports suspicious transactions. Additional verification processes protect users. All Revolut Business cards support 3-D Secure, and the set card limits for contactless payments help prevent fraud.

Additionally, the company leader can easily adjust permissions for employees and team members via the Revolut app. This allows for better control of team expenses by setting individual access levels for each member. The account holder is also entitled to view and review employees' transfers.

How much does Revolut Business cost?

The Basic subscription of Revolut Business is free. There are no fees for card and account usage.

How do you apply for a business credit card with Revolut?

The application can be conveniently submitted online. Your identity must be verified and checked once by submitting important documents online.

Is Revolut Business secure?

Yes. Revolut offers a variety of modern security features to protect the card and account.
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