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Beachten Sie: Für volljährige Personen kann die Kontoeröffnung bequem auf der Website der PSD Bank erfolgen. Minderjährige können sich Antragsunterlagen zusenden lassen und die Erziehungsberechtigten werden anschließend von der Bank kontaktiert.

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    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    14 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • From €0.99 per month
    • Additionally a free current account
    • Free mobile debit notification

    The PSD children's credit card with a free current account

    Financial education and responsibility are important skills that should be learned from a young age. In a world where cashless payments and online shopping have become the norm, it is crucial to introduce young people to the basics of money management early on. The PSD Bank has created a solution for this – the Youth Account Giro4you with an associated child and youth credit card. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of the PSD Bank’s child credit card. The credit card for minors can be easily managed via an app and even used digitally from a smartphone.

    The free PSD Giro4you child and youth account

    The free PSD Giro4you child and youth account from PSD Bank offers an ideal platform for young people to take their first steps towards financial independence. With the PSD Giro4you, teenagers have the opportunity to manage their own account, learn online banking, and keep track of their expenses. Additionally, the account offers a free debit card and credit card to promote flexibility in cashless payments and enhance financial education for the younger generation.

    Apply for a child credit card easily and quickly

    To apply for the child credit card, you first need to open the Giro4you child account. For adults, this can be done conveniently on the PSD Bank website. Minors can have application documents sent to them, and the guardians will then be contacted by the bank. To open an account, a valid ID card or passport, the child's birth certificate, and your own tax identification number are required.

    After successfully opening the current account, a reloadable credit card can be applied for the child from the age of 14.

    Benefits of the PSD bank child credit card

    The child and youth credit card from PSD Bank offers numerous benefits for young customers.

    • Scan2Bank enables bills to be scanned and paid automatically via QR code.
    • Pay with a smartphone: Simply hold the digital credit card to the card reader.
    • Overdraft facility (11% p.a.) from adulthood.
    • €100 starting credit: New customers receive €100 within the first six weeks after contract signing.
    • Easy management: Online and telephone banking as well as the PSD app allow easy management.

    Depositing and withdrawing money

    With the debit card and the credit card, your child can conveniently withdraw cash for free at over 16,000 ATMs in the Bank-Card-Service network. Until the child reaches adulthood, parents set the limit on how much the child can access from the account balance. An overdraft facility, where the account goes into negative, can only be arranged for adults.

    In the customer service centers of PSD Bank, cash can also be deposited. This makes it easy and secure to transfer pocket money and money gifts from friends and family into the account.

    Paying abroad

    Both the debit card and the credit card can be used worldwide. This makes the cards suitable for school trips and student exchanges abroad.

    Financial overview: Online banking & app

    With PSD online banking and the innovative app, it is easy to keep control of finances and thereby learn how to manage money.

    Online banking

    The Giro4you youth account from PSD Bank offers a user-friendly online banking function that makes it easy to manage finances from anywhere. Transfers can be made, account balances checked, and transaction histories tracked from here.

    The PSD app

    The PSD banking app is characterized by its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that allow users to manage their finances effortlessly and effectively. With the app, you and your child can monitor the account, transfer money, view transaction histories, and immediately block the card in case of loss or theft.

    Online and secure?

    To protect their customers' financial data, PSD Bank implements security measures, including advanced encryption technologies, multi-level authentication, and regular security checks. These measures ensure the integrity of the system and minimize fraud attempts.

    Can children pay with a credit card?

    Yes, children can pay with a credit card, provided they have a special child credit card controlled by their parents or legal guardians. These cards allow parents to monitor and limit their children's credit card spending and usage.

    Can children own a credit card?

    In most countries, children cannot own a credit card in their own name, as they are generally not fully legally capable. Instead, parents or legal guardians can apply for and manage special child credit cards in their name, providing their children with a limited financial budget.

    How much money can a child have in their account?

    There is no fixed limit for the money a child can have in their account; this depends on the account types and respective bank policies. However, parents or legal guardians can manage their child's account and set the balance at their discretion.

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