Customer support
24/7 Customer support
Educational concept
Online Banking
Instant money transfer
Customizable cards
Real Time Updates
Costs first year
27,24 €
Costs for subsequent years
27,24 €
Costs additional card
4,61 €
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Parental control
Minimum age
13 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application via document submission
Application in store mandatory
Identification procedure
Identity of applicant and child required
Bank account required
Cashback Programm


  • Postbank
    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    7 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Low basic fee
    • Up to €100 overdraft possible
    • Free cash withdrawals at selected locations

    Contactless, fast, and cashback: The Pockit prepaid credit card

    Pockit is a UK-based financial services company offering an innovative prepaid credit card and associated financial services to provide customers with a convenient and flexible way to manage their money. The Pockit prepaid credit card presents itself as a modern solution for everyday financial needs. The card enables contactless payments and a quick and easy application without a bank account and without a credit check. An additional card can be requested for children aged 13 and up. A special highlight is the attractive cashback program, where you receive a percentage of the purchase amount back with every purchase. In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages of this credit card and how it can simplify everyday financial management.

    Instant and easy: Apply for the credit card in 3 minutes

    To apply for a Pockit credit card, follow these simple steps: First, visit the official Pockit website or download the Pockit app. Then select the option to apply for the credit card. You will be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, and date of birth. Finally, you must provide proof of identity. Unlike some other credit institutions' application processes, Pockit does not check your credit rating or require a minimum balance. After verifying all information, your card is usually shipped within a few days and can then be activated and used.

    Pros and cons of the prepaid credit card

    The Pockit prepaid credit card offers an effective way to control spending while providing the convenience of contactless payments. However, there are some fees and a limited number of acceptance points to consider.


    • Control Over Spending: One of the greatest strengths of the Pockit prepaid credit card is spending control. You can only spend what you have loaded onto the card. This limit helps adhere to budgets and avoid accumulating debt.
    • No Credit Check: Pockit usually does not conduct a credit check to approve the card. This means that even people with limited credit can obtain the card.
    • Cashback Program: The Pockit card offers a cashback program, where you receive a percentage of the purchase amount back on purchases.
    • Easy Management: The Pockit app allows convenient management of your finances. You can check your balance online, track transactions, and load money onto your card.


    • Fees: Like many prepaid credit cards, Pockit cards can incur fees. These include issuance fees, monthly service fees, and transaction fees.
    • Acceptance Points: Prepaid cards may not be accepted everywhere. In some cases, such as car rentals or hotels, it may be difficult to use the Pockit card.
    • Limited Overdraft Protection: Prepaid cards offer protection against excessive debt but do not usually protect against overdrafts. Transactions exceeding the balance are typically declined.

    Earn money while shopping online: The Pockit cashback program

    The Pockit cashback program allows cardholders to receive money back when they make purchases with their Pockit prepaid credit card. For every qualified purchase, customers receive a percentage of the purchase amount as cashback, credited to their card account. This cashback can then be used for future purchases or withdrawn for free.

    Cash deposits and withdrawals

    Cash withdrawals are possible at all ATMs or numerous Paypoint stores. Cash deposits are also possible at Paypoint stores, allowing you to load funds and manage them online.

    Always stay on top of your finances

    With Pockit online banking and the innovative Pockit bank app, it is easy to stay in control of your finances.

    Online banking

    Pockit offers a user-friendly online banking feature that allows customers to manage their finances conveniently from anywhere. You can easily make transfers, check account balances, and track transaction history. The prepaid balance can be loaded via bank transfer or debit card, in addition to cash deposits.

    The Pockit App

    The Pockit banking app offers an intuitive interface and comprehensive features to make financial management easy and efficient for users. With the Pockit app, you can manage your account, make transfers, view transaction histories, and lock your card, among other things.

    Online and secure?

    Pockit uses security measures to protect its customers' financial data. These include state-of-the-art encryption technologies, multi-factor authentication, and regular security checks to ensure system integrity and minimize fraud attempts.

    Who is the card suitable for?

    The Pockit prepaid credit card is suitable for people in various financial situations who want to manage and move their finances discreetly and mobilely within the UK and/or abroad. Additionally, it is particularly suitable for individuals who have difficulty obtaining a conventional credit card due to poor credit or lack of credit history.

    How Does Pockit Cashback Work?

    The Pockit cashback program allows customers to receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount back on qualified purchases at participating stores or online retailers partnering with Pockit. This cashback is credited to the customer's Pockit account and can be used for future purchases or withdrawals.

    Can I Pay Everywhere with the Contactless Prepaid Credit Card?

    You can use the Pockit prepaid credit card at most places where credit cards are accepted, including retail stores, restaurants, online shops, gas stations, and ATMs.

    How Many Credit Cards Can One Have?

    The number of credit cards a person can have is not legally limited. It depends on factors such as creditworthiness, income, and credit card company policies. It is important to handle credit cards responsibly, as multiple cards can increase the risk of debt.

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