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Educational concept
Online Banking
Instant money transfer
Cash withdrawal
Customizable cards
Travel insurance
Real Time Updates
Costs first year
32,00 €
Costs for subsequent years
32,00 €
Costs additional card
9,99 €
Foreign currency fee
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Parental control
App with separate interface for parents and children
Minimum age
7 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application in store mandatory
Identification procedure
Identity of applicant and child required

Die Bling Kinderkreditkarte funktioniert mittels einer App, die auch Funktionen wie Personalisierung und einen Aufgabenplaner bietet.


  • Commerzbank
    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    18 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Usable worldwide
    • High security standard
    • Cashback program at over 2000 shops

    The Bling children's credit card reviewed

    The company Bling offers a prepaid credit card and pocket money app, providing children from the age of 7 a safe and easy way to manage their pocket money. With the Bling Card, your child can learn to handle money responsibly while you retain control.

    How to order the Bling card

    To order the Bling Card for children, first download the Bling app. The card can be conveniently ordered through the app, and registration only takes a few minutes. However, only legal guardians can apply for the kids' credit card, not the children themselves. You must provide proof of identity, which can be done via a copy of your ID or the POSTIDENT process. The card will be delivered by mail a few days after the application.

    Advantages of the prepaid card at a glance

    • Numerous functions

    • Parental control

    • App for children and parents

    • Usable online and offline

    • Free deposits and withdrawals

    • Low monthly fee

    • No hidden costs

    • No debt possible

    • Deposit protection

    What costs and fees are involved?

    The Bling Card for children and teenagers is free. However, monthly fees apply when using the card. You can choose between a monthly fee of €2.99 per child or an annual fee of €32.00. The annual option is cheaper, offering one month free. There is also a 14-day trial period with no costs. No additional fees are incurred during regular use.

    Save with a promo code

    Online, you can occasionally find promo codes to save on Bling. These often provide one or two free months. Keep an eye out for these deals. If you have a code, enter it when ordering the card.

    How to cancel the Bling card

    You can cancel the Bling children's credit card at any time. Depending on your subscription model, the cancellation can be done monthly or annually. To cancel your Bling account:

    1. Open the child account in the Bling app

    2. Go to settings

    3. Select “Manage Active Subscriptions & Services”

    4. Click on the subscription you want to cancel

    5. Click the "Cancel" button at the bottom

    6. Confirm the cancellation

    The subscription will continue until the displayed end date and then stop. After the subscription ends, you can delete the child account, and the remaining balance will be refunded.

    Lost Bling card? How safe is the children's credit card

    The Bling cards are protected by a PIN system. If the card is lost, it can be blocked like any regular credit card. The prepaid card is not directly linked to a bank account, so losing it doesn’t affect the regular bank account. Additional features include spending limits, real-time transaction notifications, and the ability to manually lock or unlock the card via the app.

    Can the PIN be changed?

    The PIN is set by the parents during registration and cannot be changed later for security reasons. If the PIN is forgotten, you can view it in the Bling app:

    1. Open and unlock the Bling app

    2. Select the relevant card

    3. Click the "PIN" button under the card graphic

    4. Enter your password or use Face ID

    5. You may need to enter an SMS verification code

    6. Hold the "show" button to see the card’s PIN

    Payment functions of the Bling credit card at a glance

    The Bling prepaid card offers a variety of analog and digital payment options, providing great flexibility for children and teenagers.

    How to load money

    Before your child can use the Bling card for payments and withdrawals, money must be deposited via bank transfer from the parents' credit or debit card.

    Where can my child use the Bling card?

    As a prepaid MasterCard, the Bling card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. PIN entry is required for payments. The app allows you to set spending limits and usage locations.

    Can the children's credit card be used abroad?

    The Bling Card can be used abroad, but a currency conversion fee of 2% of the transaction amount applies to non-euro payments.

    Are online payments possible with the Bling card?

    Yes, your child can safely and conveniently make online payments. The card details are entered like a regular credit card. Online payments can also be disabled via the app.

    Can the card be linked to Apple Pay?

    In the beta version, the Bling Card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay for smartphone payments. This feature may not yet be fully reliable.

    Where can my child withdraw cash for free?

    The Bling Card can be used at almost all ATMs for easy cash withdrawals.

    Experiences with the Bling pocket money app for Android and iOS

    The Bling Pocket Money App is available for Android and iOS devices, offering numerous features to help children and teenagers manage their money and acquire financial skills. The app is user-friendly and provides both children and parents with a high level of control and security.

    Track income and expenses: App features

    With Bling, your child can manage their pocket money, set savings goals, and allocate money to different accounts, such as saving, spending, and gifts. Income and expenses can be tracked to develop a better understanding of money. The app also allows earning pocket money by completing tasks and offers educational materials to teach financial literacy.

    Easily set your child’s budget with Bling

    Children and teenagers can set budgets with Bling to ensure they spend their money wisely. Parents can monitor spending and help their child make better financial decisions. You can set rules for weekly pocket money and allowed expenses.

    High security standards for the Bling account

    The Bling app includes security measures like strong encryption, regular security checks, access controls, verification methods, and strict privacy policies. User data is not shared with third parties unless legally required or with user consent. Bling offers a secure way to manage deposited money.

    Customize the Bling card

    Children and teenagers can choose from a variety of designs for their Bling Card. Whether it's football, astronaut, hot air balloon, horse, or a neutral pattern, they have plenty of options, making the card more fun to use.

    An alternative to Volksbank, Sparkasse & co. – The company behind Bling

    Bling, or Bling Services GmbH, was founded in June 2021 in Berlin. The family fintech started as a pocket money app to enhance the financial literacy of children and teenagers. Today, tens of thousands of families use the Bling app. Since June 2023, families can invest their money sustainably through Bling. In February 2024, the company also launched a mobile phone plan called Bling Mobile, developed in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom specifically for families with children.

    How much does the Bling Card for children cost?

    The credit card itself and the ordering process are free. However, small fees apply for using it: either €2.99 per child monthly (cancelable monthly) or €32.00 annually (cancelable annually).

    From what age is the Bling prepaid card available?

    The Bling Card is suitable for children from 7 years old. For legal reasons, only guardians can order the card.

    Who accepts the Bling Card?

    As the Bling card is a prepaid MasterCard, it can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. It can also be used in almost all online shops.

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