Qonto One Corporate Credit Card

Qonto One Corporate Credit Card
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How Good is the Qonto One Business Credit Card?

Qonto offers business accounts and credit cards for all legal forms except GbRs. Obtaining a business credit card from Qonto is only possible in conjunction with a business account. These come in different pricing and performance models tailored to different customer needs.

The FinTech bank offers pure debit cards as Mastercards in physical and virtual forms: Qonto One, Qonto Plus, X Card, the virtual card, the Flash Card, and the fuel card. Discover the advantages of the Business Card One, including accounting program integration, and be aware of its disadvantages in our business credit card review for the Qonto One card.

Application process without a credit check

To obtain the credit card from Qonto, you must first apply for a business account. Here's how:

  1. Enter your personal and business information on the website qonto.com/de
  2. Verify your identity via the VideoIdent process
  3. Application approval by Qonto without a credit check
  4. Receive the documents by mail including the Business Mastercard
  5. Activate the Mastercard: You can now use your card

Requirements for a Qonto One Credit Card

The following requirements are necessary for applying for the business credit card: You must have an active business account with Qonto, as this will already confirm your age and business activity. The FinTech company offers three pricing models for:

  1. Freelancers and micro-enterprises

  2. Small and medium-sized businesses

  3. Start-ups

The Qonto Banking App

The Qonto app, available on Apple and Android, offers comprehensive account and card control. Users can change PINs, (de)activate cards, and organize payment activities by uploading receipts and categorizing transactions. The app facilitates seamless tax management.

Additionally, sub-accounts can be created and managed, for example, for employees.


To log into your Qonto account, you have several options:

  1. Email and password

  2. Login with Google

  3. Login with Apple

With Google and Apple logins, you can use your usual authentication method.

Card usage fees

The Mastercard is generally free. However, a paid business account is required to obtain the Mastercard. Additional fees include card usage outside the eurozone (2%) and €1 per cash withdrawal.

SEPA instant transfers and international transfers are included with Qonto.

Invoice management & accounting integration

With accounting integration, business account transactions can be seamlessly linked and synchronized with up to 25 accounting software providers. The goal of this integration is to reduce administrative workload for start-ups, freelancers, and small and large businesses by directly feeding financial data into the accounting system. This simplifies bookkeeping, invoicing, and other accounting processes.

Application process without a credit check

  • No credit check

  • Permanently €0 annual fee

  • €20,000 monthly card limit

  • Travel insurance included

  • Suitable for freelancers

  • Accounting integration

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay


  • 2% foreign currency fee

  • No credit line

  • €1 ATM fee per withdrawal

  • Transaction fee

Support via hotline, email, and chat

Qonto offers customer support 7 days a week. You can reach support by logging into your customer account and contacting advisors via chat or phone.

Conclusion: Comparison of the Qonto One Credit Card

Our editorial conclusion on the business credit card: If you primarily use the Qonto One Mastercard for online and offline payments within the eurozone and do not frequently withdraw cash, its basic functions are entirely sufficient. A positive aspect is the included travel insurance, which covers delays in flights and trains, lost or delayed luggage, medical expenses abroad, and legal costs for court cases abroad.

However, a disadvantage is that it is only available in conjunction with a business account and lacks additional benefits such as a real credit line, access to airport lounges, or a rewards program for transactions.

For those looking for a credit card with such extended benefits, alternatives like the Amex Platinum Business Credit Card should be considered. It is also worth noting that even when using an external corporate credit card, billing can be easily handled via the Qonto business account through direct debit.

Is the Qonto One business credit card free?

The card itself is free. However, it can only be used in conjunction with a business account, which is paid.

Who is liable for the business credit card?

For a business credit card, the company to which the credit card is registered is always liable, not the individual employee.

Does the Qonto One business credit card include insurance?

Yes, the business card includes comprehensive travel insurance.
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