Postbank Business Card plus

Postbank Business Card plus
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Simple & solid: Postbank's corporate credit card

Postbank offers business customers three different corporate credit cards for their payment transactions. The Business Card plus is considered "the practical card" and, in combination with a Postbank business account, is available without a credit check for you and your employees. Find out what makes the Business Card “practical,” its pros and cons, and everything else you need to know about the corporate credit card in our credit card review for businesses.

Application & credit check: What requirements you must meet

The Business Card plus can be easily applied for online in just a few steps. However, you must already have a Postbank business account as the debit account. Creditworthiness is not checked separately for the Business Card plus for either you or your employees.

Credit cards for employees – for private use as well?

You can issue multiple cards to your employees without them needing account authorization – making the process simple while you maintain full control. Whether a corporate credit card can be used for private expenses depends on your company's policies. In most cases, private use of corporate credit cards is not permitted. For accounting, it is easier if private and business expenses are kept separate, preventing tax complications.

Advantages of the Business Card plus

  • Worldwide acceptance: Cashless payments in more than 200 countries and cash withdrawals at ATMs and counters with the Mastercard symbol

  • Security: Free 3D Secure process

  • Online Banking: All transactions and services available online

  • Hotel and car rental bookings possible

  • Free employee cards

Disadvantages of the corporate credit card

  • No direct management app

  • Only available with a business account

  • No insurance

  • No accounting integration

Online Banking

Since the Business Card plus is always linked to the business checking account and expenses are debited directly from the account as a debit card, you can view all transactions in your regular online banking for the account.

Payments, cash withdrawals, and deposits

You and your employees can easily pay online and on-site at home and abroad with the corporate credit card, as well as withdraw up to 1000 euros in cash. At the bank counter, this costs 3%, at ATMs 2.50%, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 5 euros. Depositing money with the Business Card plus is not possible.

Costs of the Postbank Business Card plus

Since you can only apply for the card in conjunction with a Postbank business checking account, the account management fees form the basis. The card itself costs 24 euros per year, with the fees for cash withdrawals mentioned above. There are no extra costs for foreign use in EU countries. In other countries and currencies, 1.85% of the amount moved is charged.

Services such as a regular replacement card and the Postbank Card Service are free for you.

Transition from Visa to Mastercard

In 2020, Postbank announced the transition from Visa to Mastercard as its exclusive partner and began implementing it in 2023. While existing Visa cards remained valid, new card applications are now only processed as Mastercards.

Travel benefits

Booking rental cars and hotels is possible with the Postbank Business Card plus, but there are no additional bonuses. You can use the card for worldwide payments.

Conclusion: Our editorial team's comparison

The Postbank Business Card plus has manageable costs and features. A solid corporate credit card with employee cards and the Mastercard system. If you value services like cashback, miles, or accounting integration, check out the Miles & More corporate credit cards.

What is the Visa Business Card?

The Visa Business Card is the predecessor of the current Business Card plus.

What is the credit card limit at Postbank?

The daily limit is 1000 euros.

Which corporate credit card is the best?

The best corporate credit card for you and your employees depends on the nature of your business and your needs. Prepaid cards are particularly good for full control, while more expensive cards typically offer the most benefits.
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