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N26 Business Standard
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The Free Business Card from N26 Reviewed

The digital bank N26 offers self-employed individuals and freelancers a free and modern business account with the Standard subscription, known for its clear structure and ease of use in money management. Additionally, users benefit from a globally valid virtual Mastercard, available for free upon account opening. The option to earn cashback also makes the free account highly attractive for freelancers.

Find out the requirements for opening an account, fee information, conditions, and more advantages of the N26 Business account in our compact guide.

How Much Does the N26 Standard Subscription Card Cost?

The free virtual card is only available with an N26 Business account. The cost depends on the subscription plan needed. The Standard subscription at N26 is completely free, with no hidden fees for account management. Upon opening a free account, you automatically receive a virtual debit card, which can be used worldwide for contactless payments wherever Mastercard is accepted. If you prefer a "real" card, you can get a transparent Mastercard for a one-time delivery fee of €10.

How to Open a Business Account at N26?

Opening a business account at N26 is very straightforward and can be completed online in just a few steps. First, you need to confirm your email address and identity. The identity verification is done through a video identification process, where you present your ID. Once this verification is completed, you gain access to your account and can immediately use your virtual card. Authentication is usually completed within 24 hours.

Card Features Overview

Using the N26 Business card offers various payment options and features. However, there are some fees to consider for payments abroad. Here is a summary of the most important information:

Payment Functions and Account Top-Up

Since the N26 card is a debit card rather than a credit card, the account linked to the card must always be sufficiently funded. You can only spend the money you have loaded onto your account. To deposit money, you can link another credit card to the account and make a transfer, or use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once the account is successfully funded, the virtual card can be used like a regular credit card. You can make contactless payments online or in person. Some free cash withdrawals at ATMs are also possible, with fees only applying after the third withdrawal (€2 per transaction).

With the practical CASH26 app, you can also withdraw or deposit money at various stores and supermarket checkouts in Germany. You don’t need to find a bank ATM, as you can manage your money while shopping. Just enter the desired amount for withdrawal or deposit in the app. The app generates a barcode for the specified amount, which is scanned at the checkout to complete your transaction. You will then receive or deposit the money.

Managing and Monitoring Money

N26 cards can be conveniently managed via the mobile N26 app (on your phone) or the N26 web app (on your computer). Real-time transfers can also be easily made through the banking app, and all business transactions remain free of charge.

To help users keep track of their finances, push notifications can be enabled to notify you in real-time after each transaction.

The practical "Insights Feature" significantly aids in categorizing your spending. It automatically categorizes all your expenses and provides a clear overview of what and how much you have spent. This helps organize spending or savings goals, as you can analyze your spending behavior and plan better for future investments.

Foreign Transaction Fees

Since your debit card is generally accepted worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted, it is suitable for use abroad. Contactless payments and cash withdrawals can be made almost anywhere. International transfers are also free.

However, cash withdrawals in foreign currencies outside the European zone incur fees with the free Standard version. Standard users pay a 1.7% fee on the amount withdrawn in foreign currencies.


The cashback feature in the N26 Standard account offers an attractive way to earn passive income. Users of this account automatically receive 0.1% cashback on every payment made with the Mastercard.

The cashback is collected and paid out in a bundle at the beginning of the following month. You can then immediately access the money and use it for further expenses. There are no additional fees for this feature.

Security and Management

N26 offers several modern security features to optimally protect users’ cards and accounts.

One such security feature is the Mastercard 3D Secure process. Its complex two-factor authentication makes it significantly harder for unauthorized access to your account, as you need to approve each transaction with an automatically generated PIN. This PIN is updated for each transaction and sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.

Additionally, security settings can be customized at any time via the banking app. For example, biometric authentication can be enabled, allowing account access only through facial recognition or fingerprint. N26 also holds a full German banking license, confirming that N26 meets all security requirements according to German standards. Accordingly, deposits in the Standard account are insured up to a value of €100,000.

Is N26 trustworthy?

N26 secures the account and credit card with modern security features like the 3D Secure process. Additionally, N26 holds a full German banking license, confirming that N26 meets all German security standards.

What fees apply abroad?

With the Standard account, there are no fees for use within the EU zone. However, fees apply for cash withdrawals in foreign currencies. Users pay a 1.7% fee on the amount withdrawn in foreign currencies.

How do you get an N26 Standard Mastercard?

Upon opening a free Standard account at N26, you automatically receive a virtual Mastercard. If you prefer a physical card, you can order one for a one-time fee of €10.

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