Moss Corporate Card

Moss Corporate Card
Kosten erstes Jahr 144,00 €
Kosten für Folgejahr 144,00 €
für jede weitere Karte 10,00 €
18 Jahre


Schufa prüfung

Verfügungsrahmen von bis zu 2.500.000 € pro Monat

Mitarbeiter Vorteile

Integration mit Buchhaltung


Cashback 0.4 %


Concierge Services

Online Banking




Fremdwährung: 2%



The Corporate Credit Card from Moss

The Berlin-based credit card startup Moss offers both traditional credit cards and debit cards for companies and employees. In our compact guide, you’ll find the requirements for applying, fee information, and key facts.

What Corporate Cards Does Moss Offer?

Moss offers two different card models for companies: the Moss Debit and the Moss Credit. The Moss Credit is a traditional credit card, while the Moss Debit is a debit card. Unlike credit cards, debit cards cannot be overdrawn. They are linked to a deposit account, so you can only spend the money available in the account. The credit card limit depends on the cardholder's creditworthiness. When applying for both cards, you can choose between virtual and physical options.

What Fees Apply?

For “Essential” employee cards, a fee of €12 per active user per month is charged. The “Professional” cards have no fixed fees; they are determined individually based on the company's size and desired features. Card top-ups are free. Cash withdrawals are not possible. A foreign transaction fee of 2% applies to payments in foreign currencies.

Applying for the Moss Business Card

Moss business cards can be applied for with just a few clicks on the website. However, certain requirements must be met to apply for a credit card with Moss. The applicant must have a permanent residence in Germany, be at least 18 years old, have a positive credit rating, and provide a valid identification document for identity verification.

The Advantages of Moss at a Glance

Moss offers several interesting and practical tools for businesses. Here are the main benefits of the cards and apps:

Manage and Control Expenses

With Moss, business owners can easily track and manage card expenses. Thanks to digital tools, each employee's card can be precisely assigned, and the primary cardholder (business owner) can centrally manage each card and set individual conditions. For example, the business owner can reject employee requests and monitor all expenses in real-time. Expenses can also be categorized in the app, such as “travel expenses” or “marketing expenses,” making financial oversight easier even with many employees.

Simplified Accounting

Moss simplifies expense and receipt management with automated accounting. Receipts can be retrieved either via email or direct integration and are automatically matched to the corresponding card transactions. This intelligent matching saves time and minimizes human error, allowing you to focus on your core work while Moss handles administrative tasks. Receipts can be forwarded directly to your Moss inbox or simply uploaded as a photo in the app. Moss automatically recognizes the receipt data using OCR text recognition and matches it to the corresponding transactions. Furthermore, Moss offers the automation of your preliminary accounting. The extracted card receipt data is automatically combined with card or merchant-specific accounting attributes, allowing you to prepare and export card expenses in seconds, significantly easing the monthly closing.

Set Individual Limits

A major advantage of Moss is the ability to apply for an unlimited number of digital additional cards for employees alongside the main company card. Each of these cards can be managed through a central app, making it possible to impose individual limits and conditions on each card. This ensures controlled spending even with a large number of employee cards.


As the name suggests, cashback is a feature that allows you to receive a portion of your spent money back. Moss customers with high transaction volumes can opt for cashback. With a volume of at least €10,000 per month, all users receive unlimited 0.4% cashback on their purchases.


Moss protects corporate credit cards with a variety of modern security measures. All personal data processing complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the lawful use and processing of employee data. In case of suspicious unauthorized access to the cards, warnings are sent immediately to mitigate potential fraud attempts. Additionally, all data is protected in the cloud infrastructure with complex encryption algorithms. Security settings can also utilize features such as multi-factor authentication or 3D Secure technology.

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