Metro Corporate Credit Card

Metro Corporate Credit Card
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The Metro Credit Card - for Self-Employed and Small Business Owners

The Metro AG offers free business credit cards for small business owners, solo self-employed individuals, and freelancers. Our compact guide provides information on application requirements, fees and terms, as well as important facts about payment options, installment payments, and cashback.

Applying for the Metro Credit Card

Certain requirements must be met to apply for the Metro credit card. The business card is only available to self-employed individuals, small business owners, sole proprietors, or freelancers, not to companies. Additionally, applicants must provide proof of residence in Germany and complete an identity check via video identification. A checking account must also already be in place to link with the card; there is no need to open an account with Metro.

Card Type and Costs of the Metro FS Mastercard

The Metro FS card is a free Debit Mastercard Business. There are no additional fees for using the standard functions. For more flexible payment options, the Metro FS Flex can be added for €4.90 per month. This subscription allows convenient installment purchases and the setting of individual payment goals. As it is a debit card, the Metro card cannot be overdrawn - only the balance available in the linked checking account can be used.

Team Cards for Employees

Even though the Metro Mastercard is only offered for small businesses, employee cards can also be applied for. The team card function allows for the creation of multiple cards for employees, linked directly to the main business account for centralized payment and management. All employee card actions can be monitored and managed through the Metro app, and individual spending limits can be set for each card. Team cards cost €3 per month per card and can be ordered through the Metro app, with delivery to your specified address approximately seven days after application.

Features and Benefits of the FS Mastercard from Metro at a Glance

The Metro card offers several interesting features and benefits. Here are the most important details about card functions, cashback, and fees.

Activating the Metro Card

Activating the Metro card is straightforward. Once you receive your METRO FS card by mail, you can activate it through a simple process. Access your METRO FS customer account, open the "My Card" menu, and select "Set card PIN." Enter your personal PIN and confirm it. Once saved, you will receive a confirmation message. Your physical METRO FS card will then be ready for use.

Payment Functions and Fees

The Metro card can be used worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted, not just for Metro purchases but also for online shopping, other bookings, and in-store payments. Cash withdrawals at ATMs incur a €2 fee per transaction, with a daily limit of €100. For non-EU transactions, a foreign currency fee of 0.75% per transaction applies, which can vary up to 2% depending on the bank.


One major advantage of the Metro FS Mastercard is its extensive cashback feature. You receive 1% cashback on every purchase with the card for the first 12 months, and 0.5% thereafter. Cashback applies to both in-store and online purchases and is credited to your account immediately after the purchase.

Flexible Payment Options

For €4.90 per month, the FS Flex option provides additional flexible payment methods. Installments on purchases can range from 2 to 48 months, and interest-free payment targets can be set. Payments from €100 can be deferred up to 30 days free of charge, with a possible deferral up to 60 days at an interest rate of 6 to 14% depending on individual creditworthiness. Payment dates can be adjusted anytime through the app.

Can the Metro credit card be used abroad?

Yes, however, fees apply in non-EU zones. There is a foreign transaction fee of 0.75% per transaction, which can vary depending on the bank and may be up to 2%.

How much does the Metro Mastercard cost?

The Metro FS Card is a free card.

How much cashback do you get with the Metro FS Mastercard?

In the first months, customers receive 1% cashback on every purchase made with the card. After that, there is 0.5% cashback.
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