Finom Corporate Credit Card

Finom Corporate Credit Card
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The Finom Corporate Credit Card in Review

With its transparent fee structures and user-friendly online platform, the Finom credit card is an ideal solution for business owners. Its quick approval process and the ability to request multiple employee credit cards for a business account significantly simplify internal accounting. Additionally, Finom offers a variety of useful features, including real-time expense tracking and automated bookkeeping.

Free for Freelancers and Sole Proprietors

For freelancers and sole proprietors, the Business Visa credit card is free. However, GbR or GmbH companies can also open a business account with IBAN and associated credit cards starting at 7€ per month and choose between different plans according to their needs.

Easy Application without Credit Check

Finom does not require a credit check, making it simple and quick to order the credit card. You fill out the online application on the website and verify your identity via video identification. Your documents and Visa card will then be sent to you, allowing you to activate and use the corporate credit card.

The Finom App

The Finom app is available for iOS and Android. It can be quickly downloaded and used from your smartphone. In the app, you can find all information about the account, sub-accounts, and the chosen plan, and change it if needed. Documents, such as invoices, can be digitized and collected in the app. Additionally, the Finom app allows you to manage corporate credit cards, pay, and issue invoices. All account movements can be connected to accounting tools like Datev or Lexoffice, simplifying the annual financial statement. The cashback program status can also be tracked with the Finom app.

Simplified Bookkeeping with Finom

Bookkeeping can be a real challenge for many business owners, but with Finom, it is easier than ever. Finom's user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing even those without extensive bookkeeping experience to use the software easily. Additionally, Finom offers the ability to link bank accounts and credit cards to seamlessly synchronize transactions.

Expense Management

With Finom, you can effortlessly track, categorize, and generate reports on all business expenses in online banking or the app to always keep an overview of your finances.

Invoice Creation

Finom offers a straightforward invoicing solution, allowing you to create and send professional invoices. With the user-friendly interface, you can quickly send invoices to customers, track payment status, and remind about overdue invoices.

Integration with Accounting Tools

Finom supports the submission of tax returns and offers useful tools for categorizing expenses, greatly simplifying tax preparation.

The Finom Credit Card

The corporate credit card associated with the business account is available both physically and virtually. The number of available cards ranges from 1, 2, 5, or an unlimited number depending on the account model. The corporate credit card can also be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay. The card is equipped with modern security measures, including the ability to lock and unlock it as needed, ensuring protection against unauthorized use.

Payments, Cash Withdrawals, and Deposits

With the Finom Business Visa credit card, you can easily make cashless payments, whether online or in physical stores. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide, providing flexibility and access to your finances in any situation. While you can pay with the virtual credit card, you cannot withdraw cash with it.

Numerous Benefits

Finom offers a plethora of benefits, making it an excellent choice for business owners and self-employed individuals.

Firstly, Finom stands out for its user-friendly online platform, allowing entrepreneurs to manage their finances effortlessly. The transparent fee model and the ability to pay internationally in foreign currencies for free help save money and simplify daily business operations.

Another significant advantage of Finom is its extensive expense management. With the Finom credit card and accompanying app, business owners can track expenses in real-time, generate reports, and automate bookkeeping. This allows for better budget control and saves time on financial management.

Moreover, Finom offers a cashback program, allowing users to earn money back on business expenses. This reward can reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

With the option to request additional cards for employees and set individual spending limits, Finom is ideal for companies with team structures. It enables efficient expense control and promotes financial transparency within the company.

Customer service is available in real-time via hotline or video call. Additionally, you can contact through the interactive help center.

The Finom Cashback Program

Finom's cashback program offers business owners an attractive way to earn money back on business expenses. The more you use your Finom credit card for business transactions, the more cashback rewards you can earn, providing a welcome relief for your business budget. The cashback program applies to the paid account models and varies between 2% and 3% depending on the business account.

Which bank is behind Finom?

Finom is not a traditional bank but a FinTech company that offers financial services and solutions. The Finom group consists of several companies, including Finom Bank AG and Finom Financial Company. They operate as an internationally active financial technology company, offering services such as online banking, credit cards, and financial management for business owners and the self-employed.

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card is specifically designed for business owners to simplify business expenses. It enables the separation of private and business finances, provides expense control, and often features useful functions such as report generation and reward programs.

Can I withdraw cash with the Finom corporate credit card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from ATMs with the physical Finom corporate credit card. Unfortunately, this is not possible with virtual corporate credit cards.
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