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Commerzbank Business Card Classic
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Commerzbank Business Card Classic Reviewed

Commerzbank offers its business customers three different corporate credit cards: Business Card Classic, Business Card Premium, and Business Card Premium Debit. In this review, we focus on the Business Card Classic, specifically designed for the needs of self-employed individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises. Read on to learn more about the application process, fee structure, and numerous benefits of this corporate credit card.

Key Information at a Glance

  • Perfect for separating personal and business expenses

  • Costs €34.90 per year

  • No free cash withdrawals

  • Worldwide acceptance (Mastercard)

Applying for the Business Card Classic: Here’s How

There are two ways to apply for the Commerzbank Business Card Classic – online or in a branch. Here’s how to apply through the bank’s website, step by step:

  1. Open the Commerzbank website and click on the menu at the top right. Select "Accounts & Payment Methods."

  2. Then click on "Credit Cards for Companies" under the "Credit Cards" heading.

  3. You will be redirected to an overview page where you can select the Business Card Classic. By clicking on "Learn more," you will be taken to the relevant page, where you can request the corporate credit card by clicking the yellow "Apply now" button.

  4. A login area will appear, offering several options:

  • If you are already a business customer of Commerzbank, you can log in with your username and PIN.

  • If you are not yet an online banking customer, you can apply for a digital account using the autoIDENT procedure.

You will then need to enter various company details and submit the necessary documents.

Once you have submitted the application for the corporate credit card, it will be processed promptly. You should receive the credit card within two weeks.

Change PIN and Activate Business Card

When you receive your Business Card Classic by mail, you can activate it and set a preferred PIN. You can change the PIN in seconds via the banking app or the Commerzbank website.

Discover the Benefits of the Corporate Credit Card

The Commerzbank Business Card Classic offers you the following benefits:

  • Worldwide acceptance (anywhere Mastercard is accepted)

  • Monthly card statements

  • Simplified travel expense management (billing per employee)

  • Contactless payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay

  • Cash withdrawals up to €1,000 per day and €2,000 per week

  • Reputable provider

Where Is the Credit Card Accepted?

The Business Card is accepted anywhere you can pay with Mastercard. This includes numerous online shops, stores, gas stations, and more. Worldwide, there are over 44 million acceptance points. Cash withdrawals are also possible at appropriately marked ATMs.

Contactless Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

With the Commerzbank corporate credit card, you can also make contactless payments conveniently using your smartphone and smartwatch. Simply link the Business Card Classic with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Lesser-known payment services like Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Swatch Pay are also compatible with the credit card.

Costs and Fees of the Commerzbank Business Card Classic

The Business Card Classic costs €34.90 per year. Additional fees may apply: When withdrawing cash from ATMs, a fee of 1.95% of the withdrawal amount, but at least €5.98, will be charged. You can pay without fees within the Eurozone, but an international transaction fee of 1.5% of the card turnover applies outside the European Economic Area. A currency conversion fee of 0.59% on the Euro reference exchange rate of the European Central Bank may also apply for payments in other currencies.

How Can I Cancel the Commerzbank Corporate Credit Card?

To cancel the Business Card, submit your cancellation in writing to Commerzbank – either by email or post. Be sure to include your customer and credit card number in the cancellation letter. You can cancel without notice at the end of the month.

Email, Hotline & More – Learn About the Bank's Service

You can reach Commerzbank's customer service around the clock. Competent staff are available to assist you with questions and issues via email and hotline. You can even book an appointment online at your local branch.

Commerzbank: One of Germany’s Oldest Banks

The provider of the Business Card Classic is Commerzbank AG – one of Germany’s oldest banks. The bank was founded in 1870 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It offers services to both private and business customers. In Germany alone, Commerzbank serves nearly 11 million customers, making it the fourth-largest bank in the country.

Does Commerzbank offer credit cards for businesses?

Yes, Commerzbank offers three credit card models for businesses: Business Card Classic, Business Card Premium, and Business Card Premium Debit.

How much does the Commerzbank Business Card Classic cost?

The Business Card Classic from Commerzbank costs €34.90 per year. Additional fees for cash withdrawals and payments abroad may apply.

Where can I use the Commerzbank corporate credit card?

The corporate credit card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Worldwide, there are over 44 million acceptance points.
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