American Express Business Gold Card

American Express Business Gold Card
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The American Express Gold Corporate Credit Card Compared

American Express Company offers one of the most sought-after corporate credit cards with their Gold Card. It is especially popular among businesspeople who travel frequently, as it allows them to convert earned points into air miles. Cardholders also benefit from a variety of insurance offerings, payment options, and rewards. In the following review, we have compiled the most important information about the Gold Card for you.

Requirements for Application

To apply for the American Express Gold Business Card in Germany, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have their company based in Germany. The card can be applied for by both company executives and self-employed individuals. Additionally, an active German bank account and good credit standing are required.

How to Apply for the American Express Gold Business Card

The application process is very simple and starts with filling out the online form on the official American Express website. The form collects personal information, company information, and financial details. After the application is submitted, your identity will be verified through a video identification process. The submitted application is then carefully reviewed. After successful review and approval, applicants will receive their American Express Gold Card along with a personal PIN number by mail. Once the card is received, it can be activated and is ready for use.

Costs and Terms of the Gold Business Card

A major advantage of the American Express Gold Card is that the card is completely free to use in the first year. This allows you to thoroughly test the card's features without having to pay high fees immediately. After this free phase, an annual fee of €175 applies.

This amount covers all card functions. There are no additional costs, and users can benefit from all the bonuses that Amex offers. Additionally, businesses can obtain up to 99 free additional cards for their employees, which can be conveniently requested through the Amex app.

The Benefits of the American Express Gold Business Card

Acquiring the Amex Business Gold Card comes with many advantages, from bonuses to insurance packages to flexible payment options. Below we have summarized the most important information in our concise review.

Bonuses and Credits

American Express frequently offers attractive credit and bonus packages for new customers, which vary by calendar year. Depending on the promotion, customers can often receive a welcome credit of €150 to €200 or 40,000 to 50,000 bonus points, known as Membership Rewards points, when they first acquire the card. This credit can then be used for business trips, hotel stays, or similar expenses. Additionally, as a Business Gold Card holder, you can receive up to €100 in Dell Technologies credits per year.

Earning Points and Benefits

Every time you use your credit card, you automatically earn Membership Reward points. You receive one point for every euro spent.

These accumulated points can be used for a variety of exclusive offers. For example, you can redeem points for travel, hotel stays, car rentals, restaurant visits, or purchases on Amazon and at drugstores. A list of current partners can be found on the American Express website. If you want to do something good with your points, you also have the option to donate the credit to organizations like

However, the most popular option is converting points into miles. With your Business Card, you can earn up to 1.2 free miles per point. Additional cardholders also benefit from this offer. Each additional card enables the collection of Membership Rewards bonus points, which are then transferred to the primary cardholder's account. These points can thus only be redeemed and managed by the primary cardholder.

Flexible Payments and Payment Terms

The American Express Gold Card presents itself as the ideal credit card for those who desire more flexible payment options. With this card, you can benefit from an extended payment term and settle invoices up to 50 days later. This feature helps you avoid financial constraints if, for example, customer payments to your account are delayed. Simply pay outstanding invoices when you have enough money in your account again and time your spending behavior individually.

Another advantage of the American Express Gold Card is the individual credit limit, which is tailored to your specific financial situation. This means you do not have to worry about rigid credit limits. The higher your creditworthiness and income, the higher your individual card limit can be set.

Furthermore, the American Express Gold Card is characterized by its smooth and fast payment processing. With this card, you do not have to wait long for your transactions to be completed. Purchases and invoices are quickly and easily debited and/or transferred.

A Comprehensive Insurance Package

The American Express Gold Business Card offers a comprehensive insurance package that provides optimal protection for businesses on their business trips. This includes travel accident insurance, foreign travel health insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, and car rental insurance. These insurances offer protection against unexpected incidents, allowing you to undertake business trips with confidence without worrying about unforeseen costs. Of course, it is a prerequisite that the transactions for the trip have been settled with the American Express credit card.

Easy Accounting with AmexExpense

With AmexExpense, American Express offers customers a practical and modern accounting tool that can greatly simplify the completion of accounting tasks.

The special feature of AmexExpense is that it is integrated into the DATEV financial software. You can easily link AmexExpense with your accounting software, making the management of your taxes more transparent.

Additionally, the tool allows you to quickly and easily digitize and record any business expenses. Receipts can be easily photographed by employees and uploaded to the app. The expenses can then be conveniently categorized and managed in the app. The “automatic receipt capture” feature allows receipts to be flexibly submitted on the go.

AmexExpense can be integrated immediately and flexibly into the daily operations of the company without extensive training. The tool offers solutions for processing expense reports and services, as well as assigning expenses to individual employees.


At American Express, you enjoy versatile protection through the use of the latest technology. SafeKey is a security feature from American Express that protects you when making online purchases. It monitors transactions in the background and occasionally requests confirmation from you to ensure that the transactions were initiated by you. This can be done by entering a confirmation code or your card PIN. SafeKey helps prevent fraud and ensures your financial security when shopping online.

What insurances are included with the American Express Business Gold Card?

The use of the American Express Business Gold Card includes travel inconvenience insurance, travel accident insurance, foreign travel health insurance, car rental insurance, and trip cancellation insurance.

How much does the American Express Gold Corporate Credit Card cost?

The American Express Gold Business Card costs €175 annually. The use is free in the first year.

Does American Express offer additional cards for employees?

Yes. When acquiring the Business Gold Card, business owners can receive up to 99 free additional cards for their employees.

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