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Educational concept
Online Banking
Instant money transfer
Customizable cards
Real Time Updates
Cashlimit per day/month
Costs first year
27,60 €
Costs for subsequent years
27,60 €
Costs additional card
5,77 €
Foreign currency fee
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Parental control
Minimum age
6 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application in store mandatory
Identity of applicant and child required


  • Targobank
    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    14 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • From €0.99 per month
    • Additionally a free current account
    • Free mobile debit notification

    The Rooster money children's credit card review

    In addition to the free Rooster Money app, there is also a Rooster Card plan designed to introduce children to money management in a fun and simple way. This includes a Visa debit card for children. Learn more about the Rooster Money children's credit card, its features, and benefits in our comprehensive review.

    Rooster Money card - features at a glance

    Rooster Cards are available for children aged 6 to 17, but only parents or guardians aged at least 18 and residing in the UK can order the card. Each card costs £4.99, subject to availability. Please note that fees and terms and conditions apply.

    The card is a Visa debit card that parents can load with funds. This means there is no risk of overdrawing the account – your child can only spend what is available on the card. Here are some additional benefits and features:

    Easy control

    The Rooster Card allows you to hand over independence while maintaining peace of mind. With this card, your children can make informed spending decisions while you decide how much responsibility to give them. Set where your children can use the card: in-store, online, or at ATMs. Flexible spending limits can also be set: daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Personalized design

    Rooster Money Creative Cards offer a unique way to reflect your child's personality while promoting financial responsibility. Your child can choose from 12 creative designs, allowing them to pick a card that best matches their interests and preferences. Whether they are a football fan, dog lover, or manga enthusiast, there's a suitable card for every taste.

    Child safety

    Rooster Money provides a comprehensive range of security measures, ensuring that your child's financial education takes place in a protected environment. Instead of the traditional three-digit CVV on the back of the card, Rooster Money uses a one-time CVV system, which generates a new CVV for each transaction. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud, making online shopping safer for your children. Another safety feature allows you to freeze or unfreeze your child's card immediately in case of loss or theft.

    Saving and managing money

    The Rooster Money card makes saving and managing finances easy for children. Your Rooster Money parent account comes with its own sort code and account number, allowing grandparents and relatives to contribute to your children's savings easily. Setting up is quick and straightforward, and money transfers can be made by anyone.

    Additionally, the Rooster Money card seamlessly integrates with many established features, including pocket money tracking, advanced chore tracking, and the ability to automatically split money between spending, saving, and charity pots. You can set these allocations via the app.

    Benefits of the children's credit card from a parent's perspective

    • Quick and hassle-free setup
    • Parents decide where the debit card can be used (in-store, online, or at ATMs)
    • Parents can set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits
    • Easy deposits
    • Deposits from multiple people are possible
    • No risk of overdrawing the account
    • Immediate card freezing in case of theft
    • Real-time notifications of when and where money is spent
    • Manageable on the go via the Rooster Money app

    Benefits of the children's credit card for kids and teens

    With the Rooster Money debit card, children learn to manage money. They can:

    • Log into their own account to manage their money
    • Practice making thoughtful spending decisions
    • Learn how to earn money with the chore feature
    • Set personal savings goals
    • View spending habits via account statements
    • Shop online and in-store without the risk of overdrawing the account

    Costs of the app and credit card

    The basic Rooster Money app can be downloaded and used for free. The free version of the app includes a virtual money tracker, pocket money planner, pots for spending, saving, donating, and goals, as well as educational content. However, this version doesn't offer as many features as Rooster PLUS. To get the most out of the app, you need to subscribe and pay $2.99 per month or $18.99 per year.

    The Rooster Money card, however, offers a free trial month, after which it costs £1.99 per month or £19.99 per year. NatWest Group customers can also benefit from an exclusive Rooster Card offer.

    The Rooster PLUS account with additional features

    In addition to the free app, you can also pay for a Rooster Plus account to unlock more features. These include the ability to add chores, which parents can reward with money. You can set tasks and assign a specific amount of money to each task – whether it's cleaning their room, doing homework, or setting the table. This gives your child a financial incentive to complete tasks and earn extra money.

    Additionally, with the Rooster PLUS account, you can add more family members, such as grandparents. You can also pay your child interest and set up regular deductions for expenses. These and many more features are available with an upgrade to Rooster PLUS.


    With Rooster Money, you can give your children pocket money and teach them how to save for future purchases. The pocket money app also offers many educational contents to teach your children about money management. Even with the free app, your children can learn a lot. However, with the paid upgrade to Rooster PLUS, there are many additional features that both you and your child can benefit from. The only downside to Rooster Money: The prepaid cards for children are currently only available to UK users.

    What is Rooster Money?

    Rooster Money is a provider of a pocket money app and children's credit card. The provider is backed by the National Westminster Bank, or NatWest. This is a British financial institution based in London.

    Who is Rooster Money suitable for?

    The Rooster Money app and prepaid card are suitable for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 18. The app can be used worldwide, but the card is only available to UK users.

    How much do the Rooster Money app and children's credit card cost?

    The app with basic functions is free, while additional features within Rooster PLUS cost $2.99 per month. The debit card for children is only available in the United Kingdom for a monthly fee of £1.99.

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