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Educational concept
Instant money transfer
Customizable cards
Real Time Updates
Costs first year
55,44 €
Costs for subsequent years
55,44 €
Costs additional card
4,62 €
Foreign currency fee
2,75 %
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Minimum age
6 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application in store mandatory

Bitte beachten Sie, dass GoHenry derzeit seine Kinderkreditkarte nur in Großbritannien und den USA anbietet. Eine Expansion auf den europäischen Markt ist jedoch geplant.


  • Commerzbank
    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    18 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Usable worldwide
    • High security standard
    • Cashback program at over 2000 shops

    The GoHenry children's credit card

    GoHenry is a UK-based fintech company founded in 2012. The company specializes in financial education for children and teenagers and has developed a debit card for kids and teens, along with a financial education app. Currently, the company offers its children's credit card only in the UK and the USA, but an expansion into the European market is planned. Learn more about the GoHenry children's credit card provider below.

    Teaching children how to handle money with the GoHenry debit card

    GoHenry offers a debit card with an accompanying app that allows children and teenagers to learn how to manage money in a fun way. The children's credit card is designed for kids and teens aged 6 to 18. They can earn pocket money, set savings goals, and learn to manage money responsibly. Parents can keep an eye on their children's spending and benefit from many additional tools.

    How does the GoHenry app work?

    The GoHenry app teaches children and teenagers financial knowledge in a playful manner. Kids learn through videos, quizzes, and more within the app. With in-app money missions, learning becomes fun: kids can collect points, earn badges, and track their learning progress. As parents, you can monitor your children's progress, set flexible limits and goals, and receive real-time notifications of your children's spending.

    Applying for the children's credit card in a few steps

    With GoHenry, you can take advantage of a free trial month during which all features are available for free. Simply register online, and within 5 to 7 business days, you will receive the debit card for your child. Then, activate the credit card, download the app, and your child can start the money missions. You will need to load pocket money onto your child's credit card and set up tasks.

    How to load money onto the debit card for kids

    To load money onto the GoHenry children's credit card, simply link a bank account or payment card to your parent account. Then choose how you want to give your child money:

    • Set up regular money transfers.

    • Make one-time payments.

    • Assign tasks to your child so they can earn extra money.

    How can others send money to the GoHenry card?

    GoHenry is more than just an app for managing pocket money. With Giftlinks, family and friends can directly send money to your child's GoHenry card—for birthdays or other special occasions. Each link is absolutely secure and free. Additionally, the senders can add their own personal message. Children can then decide whether to spend the money or save it for something special. They can even write thank-you notes directly through the GoHenry app.

    GoHenry: The smart finance app that grows with your children

    With GoHenry, children and teenagers can learn valuable skills. They learn to save, manage a limited budget, and develop healthy spending habits. Essentially, they are prepared for adult life by developing a healthy attitude toward money at a young age. Whether your children are six or sixteen years old, the app evolves with them and adapts to their needs. For teenagers, there is a separate account and debit card—perfectly tailored to their requirements. 92% of parents say their teenagers have more confidence in their finances thanks to the GoHenry debit card.

    How much does the GoHenry children's credit card cost?

    After the free trial period, the GoHenry children's credit card costs $4.99 per month per child. For families with up to four children, it costs only $9.98 per month. This price includes the debit card, the app for kids, teens, and parents, and access to financial training.

    The benefits of the GoHenry children's prepaid card

    • Exciting money missions: Award-winning videos and quizzes teach kids and teenagers financial literacy in a fun way.
    • Flexible control: Set one-time and weekly spending limits and determine where the children's credit card can be used.
    • Full transparency: Real-time notifications help you keep track of your child's spending.
    • Automatic pocket money: Kids and teenagers learn budgeting basics with a weekly budget set by parents.
    • Reward for chores: Your child learns the value of earning money by being rewarded for completing tasks.
    • Easy saving: Saving habits are encouraged by setting and achieving goals.

    What is GoHenry?

    GoHenry is a fintech company that has developed a children's credit card along with a financial education app. The concept aims to teach kids and teenagers how to manage money in a fun way.

    How much does the GoHenry card cost?

    The GoHenry children's credit card costs $4.99 per child per month. In the first month, you can test GoHenry's features for free.

    From what age can the GoHenry children's credit card be used?

    The GoHenry children's credit card is suitable for kids and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old. The app evolves and adapts to your child's needs.

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