Educational concept
Instant money transfer
Customizable cards
Real Time Updates
Costs first year
45,50 €
Costs for subsequent years
45,50 €
Costs additional card
4,47 €
Foreign currency fee
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Minimum age
5 Years
Credit check


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    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    14 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • From €0.99 per month
    • Additionally a free current account
    • Free mobile debit notification

    BusyKid - The secure debit card for kids and teens in the USA

    The BusyKid debit card offers children and teenagers a great way to make their first safe experiences with money. The BusyKid app also offers many practical tools: saving, gifting, and investing. Parents can monitor and control their children's spending through the app and pay them allowance for completing chores. Caution: The use of BusyKid is only available for U.S. citizens!

    What does the BusyKid children's credit card cost?

    The credit card itself is free. You receive it at no cost when you join BusyKid. To use the BusyKid credit card and app, parents must pay a small fee. For $4 per month (billed annually), you have full access to all app features and can request up to 5 BusyKid debit cards.

    From what age can the BusyKid debit card be applied for?

    Children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 17 can manage their money with BusyKid and the associated app. The legal guardians are, of course, the ones who must authorize and apply for the use of the credit card.

    Applying for the BusyKid debit card for kids

    To open an account with BusyKid, you must have U.S. citizenship, a U.S. phone number, and a U.S. bank account. If these requirements are met, opening an account is easy through the BusyKid website. Download the app and open an account by providing the email address, date of birth, social security number, and address of the legal guardian. For the child, only the date of birth is required. After verification, the account is activated, a PIN can be set, and the registration process is complete.

    Overview of the BusyKid app

    With the BusyKid app, your children can manage their money in three different categories: saving, spending, or sharing/donating. Parents initially transfer money from their account to their children's prepaid card and can distribute the allowance among the three categories. If parents make no specifications, BusyKid allocates 40% for spending, 50% for saving, and 10% for sharing.

    Saving and investing with BusyKid

    The BusyKid app offers a wide range of investment opportunities for children and teenagers. With the app, children can choose from over 4,000 stocks and ETFs for their investments. Parents must approve their children's investment proposals through the app before they are activated. There are no trading fees, and investments can be made with a budget of as little as $10.

    Donating and sharing with BusyKid

    The "Donate and Share" function allows children and parents to allocate part of the allowance for charitable purposes. They can choose from over 50 different nonprofit organizations in the USA, such as the American Red Cross or the Special Olympics, to support financially.

    Rewards for completed tasks

    The app also allows parents to reward children for completing tasks like homework or household chores. Parents can enter the tasks and the desired reward amount in the app. When the child completes the task, they confirm it in the app and receive the set allowance on their prepaid card.

    Payment and withdrawal options overview

    The BusyKid prepaid card offers a wide range of payment options similar to a Visa. Here are the key points:

    Where can the debit card Be used?

    Since BusyKid cards are Visa prepaid debit cards, they can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Thus, they can also be used in most online shops. Parents see every transaction and can thus control their children's spending.

    In which countries is the BusyKid card valid?

    Opening a BusyKid account is only possible for U.S. citizens. However, the credit card can be used outside the United States. A fee is charged for international transactions, typically between $2 and $3 per transaction. Additionally, the only currency displayed in the system is the U.S. dollar.

    Can my child accumulate debt?

    Since it is a prepaid card that parents must load, the account cannot be overdrawn, preventing it from going into the negative.

    Security for parents and children

    Parents can control how much their children spend and how and where they invest through the app. Each transaction requires parental approval, ensuring regulated spending. As the BusyKid credit card is a Visa, the information on it is protected by high-security measures, just like any "normal" credit card.

    Is BusyKid reputable?

    BusyKid is a reputable company that protects its customers' information with high security standards and offers a variety of quality investment opportunities.

    How much does a debit card from cost?

    The debit card itself is free when you open an account with BusyKid. The use of up to five debit cards costs $4 per month, billed annually.

    How can my child invest with BusyKid?

    BusyKid offers children and teenagers the opportunity to choose from thousands of investment options in stocks and ETFs with a few simple clicks through an app.

    Can BusyKid be used in Germany?

    Opening an account and using the BusyKid debit card for children is only possible with U.S. citizenship.

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