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    The Free Credit Card for Kids with the JuniorGiro from Comdirect

    A credit card for children and teenagers offers a great way to make first experiences in handling money and finances. A credit card can be of great importance during the first trip abroad or help manage saved pocket money. Comdirect offers a Visa debit card and girocard in connection with the JuniorGiro, the free account for children and teenagers. Below, we have compiled all the important information about the provider, account, and cards for you.

    What Does a Children's Account at Comdirect Cost?

    The JuniorGiro is a free account for children and teenagers from Comdirect. All functions needed for daily use, saving, and safe money management are free of charge. These functions include account management, Visa debit card, girocard, online banking, and cash withdrawals. There is no minimum deposit requirement.

    Age Limit for the Comdirect JuniorGiro Account

    With the free JuniorGiro account from Comdirect, children and teenagers aged 7 to 18 can open an account with the consent and assistance of their legal guardians. Unfortunately, there is no option to open an account for younger children at Comdirect.

    Benefits of the Comdirect Children's Account

    The Comdirect children's account offers children and teenagers a safe and easy way to make first experiences in handling money and manage their savings and pocket money. In addition to free account management, the children's account from Comdirect offers other attractive benefits and features.

    Savings Account

    The free Junior savings account offers an attractive way to save pocket money. The savings account is usually flexibly accessible, meaning you can transfer money from the savings account to your checking account anytime you need it. The JuniorGiro account offers a variable interest rate on the savings. Currently, this rate is 0.75% p.a. The interest on the savings account is usually credited regularly, increasing the account balance. Comdirect no longer charges negative interest. Additionally, the JuniorGiro is a pure credit account, so overdrafts are not possible!

    Diverse Payment Options Worldwide

    The Comdirect children's account offers diverse payment options. With the Visa debit card, which is free upon account opening, children can quickly and easily pay with their phone via Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Garmin Pay. The Visa debit card, which is mailed for free upon account opening, allows free cash withdrawals at ATMs with a Visa sign abroad.

    Easy to Use

    With the Comdirect Young App, account balances can be checked anytime, and transfers can be made quickly and easily. Additionally, the app features a handy ATM finder: the smartphone shows all nearby ATMs via maps. The app also provides an overview of the 13,000 retail stores where cash can be withdrawn for free with the JuniorGiro.

    Visa Debit Card or girocard for Kids Included!

    After opening the JuniorGiro, the customer receives a free Visa debit card and a girocard. The selected cards are mailed after the contract begins.

    What is the Difference Between Visa Debit and girocard?

    Visa debit card and girocard are different types of cards. The Visa debit card offers more features, while the girocard is primarily designed for use within Germany. Here is a simple overview of the functions of the different cards. The debit card is comparable to a credit card, while the girocard is more similar to an EC card.

    The Visa Debit Card for Kids

    A compact overview of the key features and pros and cons of the Comdirect Visa debit card for children.

    Where Can I Pay and Withdraw Money with the Credit Card?

    With the Comdirect Visa debit card, you can withdraw cash worldwide at all ATMs with a Visa sign. This function is free up to the third withdrawal per month. From the fourth transaction of the month, a fee of €4.90 is charged. Cashless, contactless payments in all EU countries are free with the Visa debit card. A foreign transaction fee of 1.75% applies in foreign currencies.

    An Overview of the Payment Functions

    The children's credit card offers a wide range of payment options. Online banking is easy through the JuniorGiro app. Payments can also be made via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Garmin Pay.

    Can You Deposit Money with the Visa Card for Kids?

    Unfortunately, free cash deposits are not possible with the Visa card. This function is only available with the girocard. With it, cash deposits can be made for free at all Commerzbank branches.

    The girocard for Kids

    A compact overview of the key features and pros and cons of the Comdirect girocard for children.

    Where Can I Pay and Withdraw Money with the girocard?

    With the girocard for children, unlike the Visa debit card, you can only withdraw money for free within Germany. Cashless, contactless payments are possible everywhere in Germany at around 7,000 ATMs and 13,000 partner retailers. Therefore, the girocard cannot be used abroad.

    An Overview of the Payment Functions

    The payment functions online are somewhat more challenging with the girocard than with the Visa card for children. Apple Pay and other apps are not supported, and online shopping is not possible. However, the online banking functions are still fully available.

    Can I Deposit Money with the girocard?

    A significant advantage of the girocard over the Visa debit card is that cash can be deposited for free at all Commerzbank branches and deposit machines. This makes it easier to transfer cash gifts and pocket money to children's accounts.

    Becoming an Account Holder: How to Open an Account

    Opening an account is simple and straightforward. Here you will learn how to open your JuniorGiro.

    Step One: The Online Application

    The first step in opening a JuniorGiro account at Comdirect is filling out an online application. The official website of Comdirect Bank offers a user-friendly JuniorGiro application form, where all required information can be conveniently entered by a legal guardian.

    Identity Verification and Submission of Documents

    After filling out the online application, the identity of the applicant and the child is verified. This step is crucial to ensure the security of the account. Comdirect Bank requires the submission of specific documents for identity verification, particularly the postal submission of the child's birth certificate!

    Three procedures are offered for identity verification: via E-Ident through an app, via VideoIdent through a video call, or via PostIdent through Deutsche Post.

    The PIN Procedure

    Once the identity verification is completed, all necessary information is provided to activate the JuniorGiro account. This includes a PIN procedure that secures the account and enables online banking. After the account is activated, an email with a link is sent to the legal guardians to set their desired PIN.

    What does a children's credit card cost at Comdirect?

    A Visa debit card and girocard are free in connection with opening a JuniorGiro account at Comdirect!

    How old do you have to be to open a children's checking account at Comdirect?

    The account can be opened for children from the age of 7. The legal representatives submit an application to Comdirect. The JuniorGiro is available for teenagers up to the age of 18.

    How can I apply for the children's credit card at Comdirect?

    You receive the credit card from Comdirect via mail once the JuniorGiro application form, the children's and youth account of Comdirect, is successfully filled out and all necessary documents are sent to the bank.

    Where can my children withdraw money with their credit card?

    With the JuniorGiro Visa debit card, children and teenagers can withdraw money for free up to three times a month worldwide at all valid Visa ATMs, including abroad. There are no limitations within Germany, and with the girocard, cash can be withdrawn for free at over 7,000 ATMs and 13,000 partner branches.

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