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    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    7 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Low basic fee
    • Up to €100 overdraft possible
    • Free cash withdrawals at selected locations

    The credit card for children and teenagers

    Financial education is key to future security, and it should be emphasized as early as possible. is dedicated to teaching children responsible money management. The Step credit card for children and teenagers, accompanied by a user-friendly app, offers the opportunity to develop financial skills from the start. Here is an overview of the app and credit card's key features and information!

    What are the costs of the Step credit card for children and teenagers?

    The credit card for children and teenagers and the associated deposit account are completely fee-free! This means there are no sign-up or subscription fees. Parents can be assured that their children can take on financial responsibility without worrying about unexpected costs.

    Can I use step in Germany?

    As Step is a US banking service, it is only available to US citizens. However, the Step Visa Card can be used internationally anywhere Visa is accepted after successful account setup. This means you can use your Step card in Germany and worldwide to make secure and convenient payments.

    The Step Visa for kids - How to order

    To open an account with Step, you must have US citizenship, a US bank account, and a US phone number. If you meet these requirements, you can easily open an account online through the Step website. Download the app, and then open an account by providing the email address, date of birth, social security number, and guardian's address.

    At what age can you apply for a children's credit card?

    Step has a major advantage: there is no age limit for opening an account. However, children and teenagers under 18 need a guardian to apply for and open the account to ensure safe account management.

    Overview of the benefits of the Step credit card for kids

    The Step card and account offer several practical features designed to make managing money and finances easier for teenagers. Below are some of the benefits that using Step and its innovative app brings to your children.

    The card without a debt trap

    The Step Visa card is a type of prepaid card: only the amount previously deposited into your Step account is available for spending. This means you can always control how much money you transfer to your child for free use. Accumulating debt is impossible, as the account cannot be overdrawn.

    The only children credit card with a positive credit history

    The Step card allows teenagers to build a positive credit history before turning 18. This can help them in the future, for example, to obtain better interest rates on student loans or rent an apartment. Even their job application prospects can be influenced by a positive credit history. A good credit rating is a fundamental element for financial success. Step is the only credit card for children that positively impacts creditworthiness. Traditional debit cards do not contribute to improving creditworthiness in any way.

    Saving for children and teenagers with

    Savings play a significant role in future planning, especially for children and teenagers. Step makes saving easier with its intuitive app and offers an attractive interest rate on savings: all family members can earn 5.00% on their savings by setting up a qualifying direct deposit each month. However, the monthly deposit must be $500 or more. You can conveniently set up the monthly direct deposit in the Step app: just tap on Add Money and then Set Up Direct Deposit.

    Investing for children and teenagers with

    Step offers a wide range of investment opportunities for children and teenagers. With the help of a guardian, children and teenagers can invest in securities through a stock account and Bitcoin through a separate Bitcoin account. It does not require large financial means to develop smart investment habits. Children and teenagers can buy fractions of stocks and ETFs or Bitcoin starting from $1. Investments can be easily monitored and managed through the app.

    Payment and withdrawal options overview

    Like a regular credit card, the Step card offers a variety of payment and withdrawal options. Here are the most important details collected clearly.

    How do I load money onto my step card?

    To use the Step card, you first need to load money onto your Step account. This ensures that the card cannot be overdrawn and allows children and teenagers to only spend the amount transferred to the card.

    Simply link your Step account to another bank account or financial institution through the app. You can use Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal to transfer money from your bank account to your Step account. The transfer takes a few business days. If you have another debit card that you can link to your Step account, you can transfer money instantly from one account to the other using the direct transfer option.

    Where can you use the card?

    The Step card can be used like a regular Visa and is accepted wherever Visa is supported. This means the card can be conveniently used for payments in almost all stores and online shops. There are no extra fees!

    What are the deposit and withdrawal limits?

    To ensure safe money management for children and teenagers, there are some standard deposit and withdrawal limits. However, these are quite generous and should not pose a restriction. For example, up to $1,000 can be withdrawn from the Step account per month, and up to $5,000 can be transferred to other parties. Within 24 hours, a maximum of $1,000 can be used for payments from your balance.

    Secure banking for children and teenagers

    Account and card usage at Step are securely protected through several steps. All savings and deposits in the account are insured up to $250,000 through FDIC insurance, provided by the bank partner Evolve Bank & Trust. Additionally, all cards are protected with the usual PIN procedure, meeting the high security standards of US banks. Unauthorized account access can also be prevented by setting up FaceID or fingerprint authentication. If a Step card is lost, it can be immediately blocked via the app.

    How Can I Open an Account for Children and Teenagers with Step?

    A Step account can be easily opened online through the app. You only need the usual identity verification documents and a mobile phone.

    Can I Open a Step Account Outside the USA?

    Unfortunately, a Step account can only be opened as a US citizen.

    How Old Do Children Have to Be to Use Step?

    There is no age limit for opening an account with Step. However, teenagers under 18 need the help of a guardian to open an account.

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