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Kontist Visa Business Debit
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Is the Kontist VISA Debit Business Worth It?

Kontist offers sole proprietors three different account types with varying price and service packages. Each account includes a virtual Visa debit card for online use. The two paid account models also include a physical card. The "Free" account offers the option to add a physical Visa card for an annual fee of 29 euros. The direct bank’s app boasts extensive features, making traditional bank branches almost unnecessary.

Discover the pros and cons of the Kontist business card with a business account, how to apply, and the costs in our card review!

Application Process

Applying for a credit card with Kontist is quick and entirely digital compared to other providers.

  1. Select your preferred account model on the Kontist website and enter your email address.

  2. Follow the link sent to you via email to enter your personal data.

  3. For the VideoIdent process, available daily between 8 AM and midnight, have your ID card or passport and a proof of address ready. A Kontist representative will guide you through this process.

  4. After successful activation, your new IBAN will be displayed. To fully activate the account, make a transfer to your new account.

  5. Depending on the chosen account model, the physical Visa debit card is either included or can be requested during registration or later via the app; it will be sent to you by mail.

Who Can Get a Kontist Credit Card?

The following requirements are necessary to apply for the business credit card:

  • You must have an active business account with Kontist.

  • Kontist focuses on sole proprietors, freelancers, and self-employed individuals, so you should belong to one of these groups.

  • You must be able to verify your identity and address, typically through a VideoIdent process and documents like an ID card, passport, and proof of address.

  • Credit check: Kontist may conduct a credit check to assess your creditworthiness.

  • Proof of economic activity or business operations may be required to confirm that it is indeed a business account.

The Kontist Banking App

The Kontist app allows complete control over the account and the associated card. Features like PIN changes or activating/deactivating the card are simple and quick through the app. Additionally, the app for the Premium and Duo account models allows clear organization of all payment activities: notifications can be set up for each transaction, and receipts can be uploaded and linked to the corresponding transaction. Furthermore, an overdraft can be applied for through the app if necessary.


Logging in to Kontist is done through a biometric process that ensures the security of your data.

  1. Open the app or website: Start the Kontist app on your smartphone or visit the Kontist website on your computer.

  2. Enter your login details: Enter your login information, usually your email address or username and password.

  3. Biometric login: You can now log in securely using fingerprint or facial recognition.

Closing an Account

To close your Kontist account, you should first bring your account balance to zero by transferring any remaining funds to another account or settling any negative balance. Then, you can contact customer service at support@kontist.com or via chat on the Kontist website. The staff will guide you through the remaining steps personally. Alternatively, you can cancel by mail at the following address: Kontist GmbH, Kastanienallee 98B, 10435 Berlin, Germany.

Costs by Account Models

The costs for Kontist business credit cards vary depending on the chosen account model. Kontist offers two different account models, differing in service scope and price structure.

For the basic "Free" account, the virtual card is included at no cost, while the physical card incurs an annual fee of €29. For the "Premium" account, costing €9 per month, both the virtual and physical cards are included at no additional cost.

Cash withdrawals and foreign currency payments come with comparatively high costs at Kontist.

Lexoffice & Co. – Practical Accounting Integration

Kontist’s accounting integration feature allows users to seamlessly link and synchronize their business account transactions with accounting software like Lexware. This integration aims to reduce the administrative burden for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and small businesses by enabling direct transfer of financial data into their accounting software. This simplifies bookkeeping, VAT returns, and other accounting processes.

Benefits of the Kontist Card

  • Quick application, completely digital

  • No credit check required

  • Free account switching service

  • Suitable for self-employed individuals

  • Assistance with bookkeeping and taxes

  • Accounting integration

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay

  • Visa 3D Secure


  • Long application process

  • No Postident procedure available

  • Only for sole proprietors

  • No welcome bonus

  • No cashback

  • Foreign currency and ATM fees

  • Transaction fees

  • No included insurance

Tax Advice

Kontist has its own tax advisory office, which can be utilized for a fee of €29 per month. This is particularly interesting for freelancers and self-employed individuals who do not want to handle bookkeeping themselves.


Through the app, you have 24/7 access to your financial management. Live support is available Monday to Friday via chat. Additionally, you can email Kontist at any time at support@kontist.com.

Conclusion: Comparing the Kontist Credit Card

As an online bank, Kontist forgoes a traditional branch network and focuses on efficient online account management. This digital orientation allows Kontist to keep account management and credit card usage fees comparatively low. The user-friendly banking app offers a variety of features. Particularly in the paid models, the app supports the self-employed in financial organization by automatically setting aside funds for sales and income tax in special sub-accounts, ensuring liquidity for tax demands.

Additionally, the company’s tax advisory service can be used for a fee, which handles the entire tax return if desired. The collaboration with Solarisbank facilitates account opening and card issuance. Kontist deliberately does not offer insurance services, underscoring its lean business model.

The Kontist Visa Business Debit card provides self-employed individuals with an attractive way to clearly structure their finances, with the financial management apps in the paid account models significantly simplifying dealings with the tax office.

If you are looking for a business credit card for self-employed individuals that also includes insurance, take a look at the Miles & More corporate credit cards as an alternative.

Who is the Kontist Business Card suitable for?

Kontist's offer is aimed at sole proprietors, freelancers, and self-employed individuals who prefer to manage their finances and accounting digitally. It does not meet the needs of business forms like UG or GmbH.

How can I cancel my Visa Debit Card?

You can cancel the Visa card and the Kontist account at any time via email (support@kontist.com) or by mail (Kontist GmbH, Kastanienallee 98B, 10435 Berlin, Germany).

What does the Kontist business card cost?

In the paid account models Premium (€9 monthly) and Duo (€13 monthly in the first year, then €19), both the virtual and physical Visa Business Debit cards are included at no additional cost. In the basic Free account, only the virtual card is available for free; however, a physical card can be added for an annual fee of €29.
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