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Costs first year
0,00 €
Costs for subsequent years
0,00 €
Costs additional card
6,00 €
Foreign currency fee
0,3 - 5 %
Spending limit
Subscriptions blocked
Parental control
App with separate interface for parents and children
Minimum age
6 Years
Credit check
Application only by legal guardians
Online application possible
Online contract conclusion
Postal application mandatory
Postal contract conclusion mandatory
Application in store mandatory
Bank account required


  • Postbank
    Costs first year
    Costs refer to the first year and may vary in the following year
    Minimum age
    Children's credit cards are often only available with the consent of a legal guardian over 18 years of age.
    7 Years
    Card type
    Card system
    • Low basic fee
    • Up to €100 overdraft possible
    • Free cash withdrawals at selected locations

    Revolut <18: children's credit card & pocket money app in comparision

    Revolut <18, formerly known as Revolut Junior, offers a virtual card for teenagers under 18 within the comprehensive Revolut app. The application features a variety of useful functions that allow children and teenagers to easily manage their finances.

    Young people can learn the basics of effective pocket money management and develop a responsible attitude towards money in a safe and controlled environment. By tracking transactions, setting budgets, and saving money, they acquire important financial skills early on and can build a solid foundation for their financial future.

    We have examined the offer and the app in detail and present the most important information here.

    Experiences with Revolut: Virtual card for children under 18

    Revolut <18 offers a virtual card tailored to the needs of teenagers aged 6 to 17. With this innovative solution, children and teenagers can gain their first experiences in handling finances.

    Teenagers aged 16 and over can open their own Revolut <18 account for free with parental or guardian consent. This allows them to manage their finances independently and achieve a certain level of financial independence. With the virtual card, they can shop online, make digital payments, and keep track of their expenses.

    For children under 16, a parent or guardian must set up an account for them via the Revolut app. This ensures that younger users are supervised by their parents and that financial security is guaranteed.

    Parents thus have the opportunity to support their children's financial education and assist them in making financial decisions.

    Withdrawing money, sending money to friends, or paying online: These are the benefits

    In today’s digital world, it is important to have full control over your finances. With Revolut <18, teenagers can achieve just that. They get an overview of their finances, allowing them to keep track of their money and reach their savings goals.

    They also have the option to withdraw money worldwide or pay online. In addition to international payment options, premium subscription users also receive travel insurance.

    Below, we present the features and capabilities of Revolut <18 in detail.

    Financial overview and savings goals

    The financial overview and savings goals functions allow young people to keep track of their money and achieve their goals. With Revolut <18, teenagers can easily track their financial activities in the app and receive instant alerts to help them stick to their budget and learn to handle money responsibly.

    Whether saving for college or buying the latest sneakers, children and teenagers can set their savings goals in the app and track their progress. By keeping their savings separate, they can ensure that they are not accidentally spent on something else.

    Apple or Google Pay: Withdrawing money or paying online with a custom card

    With Revolut <18, teenagers can withdraw money or pay online. There are, however, some restrictions: ATM withdrawals are limited to €120 per day. Additionally, only 3 withdrawals per day or 6 withdrawals per week are allowed.

    When paying with Revolut, teenagers have a choice: either with the physical contactless card or with the virtual card in the app. The virtual card can also be added to Apple or Google Pay for easy payments.

    A particularly exciting feature is the ability to personalize their own card. Teenagers and children can draw something, add text, and even use emojis to make their card unique and personal. However, personalization may incur costs.

    Revolut <18 thus not only offers young people the opportunity to pay easily and conveniently but also to personalize their payment method and express their own style.

    Receiving pocket money, rewards, or money from friends

    With Revolut <18, children under 18 can receive money from their friends for free or send money themselves. They can personalize their transfers with GIFs and notes.

    Additionally, young people can conveniently have their pocket money transferred from their parents to their Revolut <18 account. This provides them with a safe and practical way to manage their own money and achieve financial independence.

    They can also receive rewards for helping grandparents, for example. Whether it’s working in the garden or helping around the house, teenagers and children can reward themselves financially on their Revolut <18 account for their efforts.

    Payment option and travel insurance abroad

    With the Revolut child credit card, your children can easily shop abroad. Currency conversion works just like with an adult account. However, teenagers under 18 cannot have their own foreign currency account with Revolut and therefore only have access to the balance in the parents' base currency.

    This means that your child cannot exchange and hold foreign currency in advance. However, transactions in foreign currencies are possible without any problems. The corresponding amount is calculated at the time of the transaction based on the current exchange rate. You can conveniently view the exchange limits and any fees for these transactions in your own Revolut app.

    In addition, with the Revolut premium subscription, you get additional travel insurance for your children. So you can be sure that your children are well protected even in unforeseen situations.

    Setting up an account: How revolut for children works

    To download and install the Revolut <18 app, you as a parent must follow these steps:

    Open the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) on your child's device.

    Search for "Revolut <18" and start downloading the app.

    Once the download is complete, open the Revolut <18 app on the device.

    With your consent, you or your child can now create an account in the Revolut <18 app. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup process.

    Your child can then choose a card. Please note that there may be fees for personalized cards. Once the card is selected, it can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Follow the instructions in the app to store the card in the digital wallet.

    Once the card is successfully added, your child can immediately spend their money and monitor their finances. Please note that certain functions and restrictions may apply to the Revolut <18 app depending on the age and account type or subscription.

    Download in the Apple store: iOS devices and Apple Pay

    Apple users can download the app easily and conveniently. To do this, open the Apple Store and enter Revolut <18 in the search field. The app for teenagers stands out from the other apps of the provider with its striking yellow color. As the consistently positive reviews with five out of five stars show, iOS users are very satisfied with the app.

    Android devices: Download the app and pay with Google Pay

    There is also a free Revolut <18 app for Android devices. It is quick and easy to find via the search function in the Google Play Store. With 4.6 stars from over 7,000 reviews, the popularity of the bright yellow app is also evident here.

    Costs: Subscription options

    Revolut <18 offers various subscriptions tailored to the individual needs and preferences of your children.

    The standard subscription is free and allows your children to manage their finances, control their spending, and use a Revolut Junior card. With the Plus subscription, they get additional personalized cards, favorable interbank rates, and extended features for daily financial management.

    The Premium subscription offers additional benefits such as worldwide travel insurance and priority customer support. The Metal subscription is the most comprehensive and includes exclusive extras such as a custom-engraved metal card and access to airport lounges.

    No matter which subscription you choose, Revolut <18 offers powerful tools and features to teach your children financial independence and responsibility.

    Standard subscription:

    The standard subscription is free and offers the ability to get more out of your money. With this subscription, children can save money on purchases abroad while keeping an eye on their budget. It includes the Revolut <18 card, allowing finances to be managed independently. Practical tools for budgeting and spending control are also available.

    Plus subscription:

    For €2.99 per month, the Plus subscription brings additional convenience to daily financial management. In addition to the features of the standard subscription, children receive a personalized Revolut card with a selection of attractive designs. It also allows currency exchange at favorable interbank rates.

    Premium subscription:

    The premium subscription costs €7.99 per month and offers an upgrade suitable for a global lifestyle. In addition to the Plus subscription features, customers receive additional benefits such as worldwide travel insurance and priority customer support.

    Metal subscription:

    The metal subscription is available for €13.99 per month. In addition to all the benefits of the premium subscription, customers benefit from additional extras such as a metal card with custom engraving, a LoungeKey membership for access to airport lounges worldwide. There is also the possibility to earn up to 1% cashback on payments.

    The different subscription plans of Revolut <18 offer a wide range of features and benefits tailored to the individual needs of young users. Regardless of the subscription chosen, a powerful financial tool for managing, saving, and investing is offered.

    Conclusion: A safe introduction to handling credit cards and money

    Overall, Revolut <18 offers an interesting way for children and teenagers to manage their finances independently and learn responsible money handling.

    While an account is available for free, the advantages of the Revolut <18 app and the associated card are only unlocked with a paid subscription. Although there are monthly costs, it can be worthwhile as the app offers many benefits for parents and children.

    All in all, Revolut <18 provides a modern and safe solution for children and teenagers to learn how to handle money and enhance their financial skills. With the app and the right subscription, parents can give their children a safe

    How does Revolut for children work?

    Revolut for children offers an easy and user-friendly solution with the app and the child credit card to teach children responsible money management. The functionality is simple.

    How old do you have to be to use Revolut?

    To use Revolut, you must be at least 18 years old. However, Revolut offers a special solution called Revolut <18 for teenagers and children under 18. With this offer, minors can also manage their finances independently and learn responsible money management. Parental or guardian consent is required to open a Revolut <18 account.

    What are the costs for Revolut <18?

    The costs for Revolut <18 range from €2.99 to €13.99, depending on the chosen subscription. There is also a free standard subscription that offers basic functions and a Revolut <18 card.

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