Pliant Corporate Credit Card

Pliant Corporate Credit Card
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Pliant Corporate Credit Cards – Also as B2B Cards

Pliant is a young fintech company revolutionizing the corporate credit card market with solutions specifically tailored to the needs of modern businesses and their employees. Cashback, virtual employee cards, and integration into existing accounting systems like Datev sound promising. Find out here if the business credit card is truly worth it and suitable for companies that make many international payments and travel expenses.

Pliant corporate credit cards are available in two different performance and pricing models: Blue (Visa Platinum Business) and Black (Visa Infinite Business credit cards). The associated digital financial management tool is particularly suitable for companies with many employees, as it helps keep track of all expenses of the unlimited virtual employee cards.

But that's not all; Pliant offers other companies “Cards-as-a-service.” This means they can create a credit card solution for their customers that can even be used independently of a bank account.

Let's take a look at the innovative Pliant credit card, its costs, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is worth comparing.

Banking App Provides Full Control

Pliant's management tool stands out for its user-friendly design, enabling companies to manage their finances efficiently. By simplifying the management of cards and receipts in their app, Pliant significantly eases the accounting process.

Issuing corporate credit cards to employees is a simple process in the Pliant app. Administrators can issue and assign cards and set limits directly on the platform. Employees can request specific limits for their cards in their individual dashboard views and see only what they need and have access to.

The management of digital single-use cards is also handled through this platform. These single-use cards offer increased control and security for transactions, as transactions can only be carried out once with a preset limit. The dashboard also provides a real-time overview of all operations. Additionally, new users can be easily invited and integrated into the system.

Costs and Card Models

Pliant offers two types of cards, both in physical and virtual form. Each user receives a Visa Platinum Business by default. The black credit card, the Visa Infinite Business, is always associated with a fee, the annual price of which varies depending on the chosen tariff model. The following tariff options are available at Pliant:

  • Starter: permanently free, up to 10 users, up to 25 virtual cards, up to 5 virtual single-use cards per month
  • Premium: five euros monthly fee per user, unlimited users, and unlimited virtual cards
  • Enterprise: on request only

Pliant charges no foreign currency fees, making the cards particularly attractive for companies operating internationally.

Cashback with Pliant

Using Pliant cards allows companies to earn unlimited up to 1% cashback on all their transactions, which can be paid out directly in euros and is not tied to specific programs. This cashback can be used freely, with exact repayment rates depending on the timing of the transaction. Additionally, Pliant's partner offers provide further opportunities to earn cashback in various categories such as hotels and travel, office supplies, and hardware.

Datev & Co. – Practical Accounting Integration

Pliant offers an integrated accounting system that enables direct links between transactions and receipts, ensuring seamless transfer into accounting software like Datev. The platform simplifies the upload and tracking of receipts through automatic notifications for missing documents.

By setting up specific cost centers for teams, Pliant optimizes the accounting process and promotes efficient expense management. Cooperation with external travel expense accounting tools and the option for CSV exports expand flexibility for companies. Pliant's solutions for expense management and accounting integrations offer additional customization options that minimize organizational effort.

Advantages of the Pliant Corporate Credit Card

  • Up to 1% cashback on every transaction
  • Pliant Starter is permanently free
  • Up to 5 virtual single-use cards per month
  • One Visa Platinum Business per user + 25 virtual cards included
  • No foreign currency fees
  • Pliant Earth Program: CO2 offset for travel
  • Banking app: card and receipt management available online
  • Booking hotels and rental cars possible
  • Free employee cards
  • Insurance and lounge access with the Visa Infinite Business
  • Security: 3D-Secure procedure

Disadvantages of the Corporate Credit Card

  • Long application process
  • Not suitable for freelancers and self-employed
  • No cash withdrawals possible

Who is the Pliant Corporate Credit Card Ideal For?

Pliant is recommended for companies that value efficient card and receipt management and appreciate flexible credit card limits. Unlike other providers, Pliant offers several card models to meet the diverse needs of businesses. This allows for fast and secure transactions. The Pliant app also provides a clear overview of all transactions, increasing financial transparency and security within the company. Overall, Pliant is a recommended choice for companies seeking a modern and flexible financial solution. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for internationally operating companies, as Pliant does not charge foreign currency fees, offers an attractive travel insurance package, worldwide lounge access, and CO2 compensation, and is accepted almost everywhere as a payment method.

Accepted are registered capital and partnership companies as well as associations that can demonstrate good creditworthiness. Thus, the card is also available for business forms such as GmbH, AG, GbR, or KG.

Application and Credit Check

The application for the credit card is entirely digital. Extensive information is requested in advance, and the company's creditworthiness is checked. If the application is successful, the physical cards will be sent within a few days.

Cards-as-a-Service: Pliant’s B2B Product

Pliant's Cards-as-a-Service offering allows companies to flexibly and custom-design their corporate credit cards. They can then offer their business customers a credit card product that does not need to be tied to a bank account. This sets Pliant apart from other corporate credit card providers.

Conclusion: Comparison of the Pliant Credit Card

Pliant stands out for its easy management of cards and receipts, lucrative cashback program, and free foreign currency transactions. It enriches business life in many ways, particularly by facilitating travel and international payments, complemented by a variety of additional credit card services. The target audience for this financial product is companies that want to make their employees' payment transactions more efficient. However, to benefit from these advantages, interested companies must meet certain criteria before they can initiate the application process. If you are looking for a business credit card that is also suitable for freelancers, take a look at the Miles & More corporate credit cards as an alternative.

Which bank is behind Pliant?

Behind Pliant is Solarisbank AG, a German technology bank offering a fully licensed banking platform. Solarisbank enables companies like Pliant to offer their own financial products based on an existing banking license. This allows Pliant to provide financial services such as corporate credit cards without needing to have its own banking license.

What does the Pliant credit card cost?

The Starter model of the Pliant corporate credit card is permanently free. Additionally, there are two other paid models that offer advanced features such as an unlimited number of users.

Can a credit card be issued to a company?

Yes, a credit card can be issued to a company; these are known as corporate credit cards. They are used to manage and optimize business expenses and often offer special benefits for companies. Pliant is a pure corporate credit card.
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