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The Pleo Corporate Credit Card - centralized and automized

The Pleo corporate credit card revolutionizes how businesses can manage and control their expenses. With a wealth of innovative features such as the virtual corporate credit card and centralized automated accounting, Pleo offers a solution that enables companies to optimize their financial processes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits and features of the Pleo corporate credit card and how it can simplify expense control and accounting in businesses.

The Virtual Corporate Credit Card Without Plastic

In addition to regular corporate credit cards, Pleo offers an additional virtual credit card for employees, allowing them to make payments easily. The plastic-free card can be personalized with individual spending limits and does not require a separate application as an additional credit card. Expenses such as travel costs, expenses, or online purchases are automatically recorded as accounting entries. As an admin or manager, you can quickly create and distribute corporate credit cards to employees, and you can monitor and control expenses and credit card limits with real-time notifications at any time.

Applying for the Pleo Corporate Credit Card

First, a corporate account can be registered with Pleo, which includes a three-week trial period. You need to provide a corporate email address and undergo an authentication process. The trial period begins once money is deposited into the Pleo Wallet. Customers can choose from different plans. If you do not want to apply for virtual credit cards, you can personalize the application as a Pleo administrator in the app. The credit card can also be activated and unlocked in the app.

Centralized Accounting with Pleo

Pleo corporate credit cards can be managed with the Pleo app and integrated with accounting tools. This allows for centralized and time-saving accounting simplification.

Expense Management

In the Pleo app, admins can approve spending limits or block the card. Real-time notifications provide the ability to keep track of employee expenses at any time. The Pleo Pocket feature also allows cash expenses to be recorded, reviewed, and reimbursed in the app. If the card is used privately, corporate expenses can be clearly separated from private expenses.

Travel Expenses

Additionally, reimbursements, expense reports, mileage, and meal allowances, as well as subscriptions, can be automated within the Pleo app with just a few clicks.

Integration with Accounting Tools

Pleo can be synchronized with several accounting tools such as Datev, Lexoffice, or Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering easy integration and workflow simplification. All financial movements can be automated into accounting for processing.

Benefits of the Pleo Corporate Credit Card

The Pleo credit card offers numerous benefits for companies and their financial management, making it a user-friendly corporate credit card with innovative solutions.

  • Accounting processes such as year-end closing are greatly simplified by integrating accounting tools.

  • In addition to physical credit cards, virtual corporate credit cards can be ordered and set up immediately for each employee.

  • Pleo automatically finds receipts in email inboxes and can match them with expenses.

  • Private expenses can be settled with one click.

  • Expense budgets can be set and changed with a few clicks.

  • Pleo customer service is available via contact form and phone number.

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

With physical corporate credit cards and a PIN, cash can be withdrawn at ATMs but not deposited. With virtual corporate credit cards, cash transactions such as deposits or withdrawals are not possible.

The Pleo App

The Pleo app offers businesses a user-friendly platform to manage their business expenses. Employees can record expenses, upload receipts, and seamlessly optimize financial processes.

What Does the Pleo Corporate Credit Card Cost?

The cost of the Pleo corporate credit card may vary depending on the chosen plan and your company’s specific needs. Pleo usually offers various plans, including Essentials and Premium plans, which provide different features and services. The "Starter" plan includes a free credit card.

The exact costs depend on factors such as the number of users, the features your company needs, and potential fees for card issuance and usage. Pleo typically charges a monthly fee per user and an annual fee for the corporate credit card.

The Pleo Cashback Program

With Pleo, businesses can benefit from an attractive cashback program that refunds a percentage of the money spent with Pleo cards. The cashback amount varies depending on the Pleo plan you choose and typically ranges between 0.5% and 1% of the spent amounts.

It is important to note that the monthly cashback limit corresponds to your monthly Pleo fees. For example, if your company uses the Essential plan with a monthly fee of €35, your monthly cashback limit is €35.

It is also important to know that the cashback amount is provided by Pleo Financial Services and not by Pleo Technologies, the company from which you receive your Pleo subscription invoice. Since financial services are generally not subject to VAT, no additional taxes are applied to the cashback amount. This makes Pleo’s cashback program an efficient and worthwhile option for companies looking to optimize their expenses.

Who gets a corporate credit card?

VAT-registered companies and associations that open an account and deposit money into their wallet after a credit and identity check.

Is Pleo a credit card?

Pleo is a comprehensive financial management platform that helps businesses efficiently manage, control, and automate their business expenses. The Pleo corporate credit card is a key component of this platform, enabling employees to make expenditures while allowing the company to maintain control over these expenses.

How do I pay with Pleo?

You can easily pay with Pleo by using your physical credit card in stores or entering the card details online. Alternatively, you can use the virtual card or digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone for mobile payments.
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