Bunq Corporate Credit Card Easy Green

Bunq Corporate Credit Card Easy Green
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Bunq Corporate Credit Cards

When opening a business account with the Dutch company Bunq, users receive physical or virtual business cards depending on the subscription. In our comprehensive guide, you will find the most important information about the usage, fees, terms, cashback, and payment functions of the Bunq corporate credit card in the Easy Green subscription.

Card Type and Costs of Bunq Business Cards

To receive a Bunq Business Card, you need to open a business account. The account maintenance fees depend on the chosen Bunq subscription. For larger companies that want to operate sustainably, the "Easy Green Business" subscription is recommended for €22.99 per month, as it includes 25 virtual employee cards and three physical credit cards.

Applying for the Bunq Business Card Easy Green

Applying for a Bunq Business Card is very straightforward and can be done conveniently online. You only need to provide some basic information (such as residence, etc.), submit a photo ID, and complete a short verification video. First, download the Bunq app. Then, you can create a new account and complete the verification process in a few steps. The verification usually takes only a few hours, and the account can be used shortly after. The physical credit card will arrive by mail a few days later.

Benefits of Bunq Cards in the Easy Green Subscription

Using the Bunq card offers several sustainable functions and advantages. Below, we have summarized the most important information about the card functions, cashback, and fees.


As the name suggests, Easy Green is particularly recommended for environmentally conscious companies that value sustainability. Bunq, for example, supports the planting of thousands of trees, which customers automatically contribute to by using the cards in the Easy Green subscription. For every transaction over €100, a tree is planted. This feature is available not only to the main account holders – each employee in your team is also involved in tree planting with every €100 transaction. Additionally, all subscribers of the Easy Green subscription can receive a sustainable metal card. This costs a one-time fee of €89.99.

Fast Payments via Apps

Thanks to the integration of payment apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay, payments with Bunq cards are very flexible and straightforward. Once you have subscribed to Bunq, you can directly add your card to your digital wallet and connect it to Google and Apple Pay – there is no need to wait for the physical cards to arrive. For even greater flexibility and better financial oversight, Bunq also allows you to create virtual credit cards. With an Easy Green plan, you can generate up to 25 of these virtual credit cards and assign each one to a sub-account. The special feature is that you can add all these cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay, allowing you to make payments from different budgets easily and keep track of your expenses.


Easy Green users can also benefit from the cashback function. As the name suggests, cashback allows you to get back a portion of the money you spend. Accordingly, users receive 1% cashback at restaurants and bars and 2% cashback on public transportation usage.

Managing Taxes

The Bunq app also offers a time-saving solution for managing VAT. With the "Auto VAT" function, you can easily have the app automatically calculate the VAT for all your income and expenses and store it in a dedicated sub-account for the tax office. All incoming and outgoing payments are taken into account. This function is also included in the Easy Green subscription.


All Bunq cards, including virtual employee cards, can be managed conveniently via the app. The advantage is that you receive real-time notifications for all transactions through the app, allowing you to maintain an overview of all finances even with many cards. Additionally, all cards can be individually blocked, linked to other sub-accounts, and passwords changed.

International Use

The Easy Green subscription is also suitable for travelers and businesses making many transactions in foreign currencies. Bunq allows users to pay in over 16 different currencies – in Europe and worldwide. Additionally, Bunq offers an affordable and convenient solution for managing financial transactions abroad. With the Zero FX feature, there are no additional fees for transactions in foreign currencies.

How much do Bunq corporate cards cost?

The price depends on the subscription and ranges between €0 and €22 per month. For environmentally conscious companies, the Easy Green subscription for €22.99 is advisable, as it already includes employee cards.

What fees apply to Bunq abroad?

With the Easy Green subscription for corporate credit cards, there are no fees for foreign currencies.

What are the requirements for a Bunq business account?

Any adult who can prove they have a registered business can open a business account. Additionally, a residence in one of the following countries must be proven: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, or Ireland.

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