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Experiences with Pockey: The Pocket Money App from Germany

The Pockey app is an innovative pocket money app for children and teenagers, developed by a family of developers from the Lower Rhine in Germany for iOS devices. It offers parents the ability to easily and conveniently manage their children's pocket money while teaching them important lessons in money management. The app provides many useful features, such as the option to automatically transfer pocket money or reward good saving habits. Compared to competitors like Sparkasse's KNAX pocket money app, Pockey is only free initially but offers several premium features. We show the cost of the subscription, the benefits it offers, and how to install it in this article.

App Store: Free Download with In-App Purchases for iOS Devices

At the time of our test, the app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. Downloading it for the iPhone or iPad is very easy. Simply open the App Store and enter Pockey in the search bar. You will find the “Pockey - Pocket Money Manager.” With just a few clicks, you can download and install it.

The download itself is initially free, allowing you to try the app on your phone or tablet before deciding on a subscription.

Costs After 20 Free Transactions

In this basic version of the app, you can make up to 20 transactions to see if you like the app. After that, there are various in-app purchases available to continue using the app.

Family Premium Subscription: Monthly for €9.99

One of these offers is the Family Premium subscription, available for €9.99 per month. With this, families can manage the finances of up to five children or larger groups in the app and access extended features.

This includes the ability to set up automatic transactions or create unlimited accounts. Additionally, these can be automatically synchronized with the Pockey WebApp among all participants.

Local Premium Subscription: Monthly for €4.99

Alternatively, you can opt for the Local Premium subscription, offered at €4.99 per month. With this subscription, you can manage only one child and their accounts but still have access to advanced features like automatic transactions and rewards.

Lifetime Subscriptions

There are also lifetime subscriptions available for a one-time purchase. The Family Premium Lifetime subscription costs €35.99 and provides access to the same features as the monthly Family Premium subscription but without the monthly costs. The Local Premium Lifetime subscription costs €23.99 and offers the same benefits as the monthly Local Premium subscription.

Registration and Setup of the Application

Setting up Pockey is simple and straightforward. Parents can create a profile for each child or user to manage their personal accounts. Any number of accounts can be created for each child, which can be either money accounts or points accounts.

Parents have the option to protect the parent area with a PIN to ensure that only they can add, change, or delete accounts. Children can only see their balance, and the children's area can also be protected with its own PIN.

Another useful feature of the Pockey app is the ability to set individual goals for each account. This could be a monetary amount to be saved or a points target to be achieved.

The app also offers the option to automate transactions, ensuring nothing is forgotten. Templates for new transactions make it even easier. Pocket money is automatically credited on payday.

The Pockey app can be used on one or multiple smartphones and tablets. This allows parents to make transactions on any device, while children can see their own account on the family tablet or their own phone if they have one.

Features: Conveniently Manage Pocket Money and Learn Through Play

The app offers three core functions that help children and teenagers learn how to manage their pocket money and gain an overview of their finances.

A Bank Account with the Parents

With parents as the bank, children can invest their pocket money risk-free. Children can easily deposit or withdraw money from their account at any time. Parents or other relatives can credit one-time payments to the child's account or set up automatic pocket money payments.

Overview of Pocket Money

The app provides children with a clear overview of their expenses and income. They can see at a glance how much money they have left and where their pocket money has gone recently.

Learning to Manage Money

Pocket money apps like Pockey allow children to learn how to manage money from an early age. With the app's clear functions, they can discover how to best organize their money in the long term.

Benefits of the Pockey Pocket Money App

The Pockey pocket money app offers numerous benefits for families and other groups wanting to manage money.

Parents can easily and securely manage pocket money or other gifts such as Christmas money from Grandma without anything getting lost in the washing machine or other places. Reward points or motivational aids can also be easily managed. For example, good saving habits or helping around the house can be rewarded with points.

However, Pockey is not limited to families. The app is also excellent for managing finances in shared apartments, class funds, or club funds.

Like a real bank, each user has their own account that can be managed individually. Users can personalize their personal area with different color designs. Data is stored on the device but can be automatically synchronized between devices via a Pockey Family Account. This allows children, roommates, or members to view their balance on their own phone or tablet at any time.

Conclusion: Our App Rating

Overall, the Pockey pocket money app provides a meaningful way for families to introduce children to money management while keeping an overview of their finances. The app impresses with a user-friendly interface and simple functions for creating accounts and transactions.

It is particularly positive that the app, with its simple design, is not only appealing to children. It is also well-suited for shared apartments or groups wanting to manage money.

It should be noted, however, that the app is currently only available in the App Store for iOS devices, so each user must have an iPhone or iPad. Additionally, after the test version with 20 transactions, costs may apply if the user decides to subscribe to a paid subscription.

Overall, the Pockey app is a useful tool for families wanting to encourage their children to manage money while valuing simple and secure management.

How Does the Pockey Pocket Money App Work?

The Pockey pocket money app is an app for iOS devices that allows parents and children to manage their pocket money digitally. Each child has their own area where various accounts for money and reward points can be created. Family members can add, change, or delete new transactions. Children can view their balance and request pocket money from their parents, who act as the bank, or deposit saved money.

Is the Pockey Pocket Money App Free?

The Pockey pocket money app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. You get a free trial version with which you can make 20 transactions in the app.

What Are the Benefits of the Pockey Pocket Money App?

Pockey is a pocket money app with many benefits for families. Parents can securely manage their children's pocket money and set up automatic payments. The app provides a clear overview of income and expenses, so children can see how much money they have left and where their pocket money has gone recently. This teaches children early on how to manage money and budget their finances effectively.
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