Bunq Corporate Credit Card Easy Bank

Bunq Corporate Credit Card Easy Bank
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The Easy Bank Corporate Credit Card from Bunq Compared

When opening a business account with the Easy Bank subscription at the Dutch company Bunq, users receive a corporate credit card included. In our comprehensive guide, you will find the most important information about the usage, fees, terms, and payment functions of Bunq’s corporate credit cards in the Easy Bank subscription.

Costs and Terms of the Card in the Easy Bank Subscription

To receive a Bunq Business Card, you must also open a business account with Bunq. The costs depend on the type of subscription. The Easy Bank subscription, alongside the free savings account, is the most cost-effective business subscription for companies at Bunq, costing €6.99 per month, with the first month being completely free as a "trial period". The plan includes a physical business card, and users can choose between a debit card and a credit card. Both cards are Mastercards.

Applying for the Business Card Easy Money

Applying for a Bunq Business Card is straightforward online. You only need to provide some essential information (such as residence, etc.), submit a photo ID, and complete a short verification video via Video-Ident procedure. First, download the Bunq app. Then, you can create a new account and complete the verification process in a few steps. The verification usually takes only a few hours. After successful verification, you can use the account immediately. The physical credit card will arrive by mail a few days later.

Payment Functions of the Bunq Cards

Using the Bunq card offers several helpful features and benefits for managing your money. Below, we have summarized the most important information about payment processing for you.

Instant Payments

Bunq offers customers the ability to make real-time money transactions. This means that transfers are processed almost instantly, without the usual delays associated with traditional transfers. To make a real-time transfer, simply enter the required transfer details, click "Send," and the money is immediately available in the recipient's account. This feature is enabled by the "TARGET Instant Payment Settlement" service (TIPS). TIPS allows Bunq customers to make real-time transfers to a wide range of banks across Europe, significantly reducing the time frame for money transactions and eliminating the need to consider bank opening hours or maintenance times.

Additionally, every Bunq business account user can generate an individual and personalized payment link. This allows all your customers' payments to be received more easily. Simply share the "Bunq me" link with your customers so they can pay you via IDEAL, Sofort, or credit card!

Scheduled Payments

Another useful feature you can use with Bunq in the Easy Bank subscription is "scheduled payments." This option is extremely practical for making regular transfers to the same recipient in the form of a standing order. Additionally, the Bunq app allows you to plan your payments for specific days and times in advance.

Keeping Track of and Managing Finances Together

Bunq Easy Bank allows you to keep track of your financial transactions at all times. With the Easy Bank subscription, you can activate real-time notifications in the app so you always know where your money is going. You will be immediately informed when a payment is credited to or debited from your account.

Moreover, the "Shared Access" feature allows you to share the account with an employee and thus divide tasks in financial management. The primary cardholder decides what permissions the employee receives.

Earning Interest

You can also open a free savings account with Bunq in just a few minutes and benefit from attractive interest rates. In the first four months, you will receive 3.85% interest on your deposits, and after this period, 1.56% interest remains on your savings account. The process is very simple. With a Bunq savings account, these interest rates are automatically available for your savings, as the interest is paid out weekly on a payday you specify. You can withdraw money from your savings account in real time twice a month if needed.

For those who want to save even more easily, Bunq offers the convenient Auto-Save feature. By activating this option in the app, you can round up your payments from the corporate credit card to the nearest euro, and the remaining money will automatically be transferred to your savings account.

International Use

An Easy Bank plan is also suitable for frequent travelers and businesses that need to make many transactions in foreign currencies. Accordingly, many payments made in currencies other than euros incur no additional fees. With a Bunq account, you can manage over 16 different currencies without fees—the currency of your payment automatically adapts to your location.

How much do Bunq corporate cards cost?

The price depends on the subscription and ranges between €0 and €22 per month. The Easy Bank subscription costs companies €6.99 per month.

What fees apply to Bunq abroad?

With the Easy Bank subscription for corporate credit cards, no fees are incurred for foreign currencies.

What are the requirements for a Bunq business account?

Any adult who can prove they have a registered business can open a business account. Additionally, a residence in one of the following countries must be proven: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, or Ireland.

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